NFL Weekly Preview: Week 4

New England Patriots: Time to Panic?

You are so goddamn silly if you think it’s time to panic. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the Pats have gone and done this the last 4 years time and time again. I’m also not going to mention that Edelman is not back yet, or that Josh Gordon AND Corey Clement are getting acclimated to the Patriots system. I will also not mention that statistically in the Brady-Belichick era the Pats are better in the second half of the season than they are in the first half. I will also not mention the fact that the Pats have the greatest QB-Head coach combo of all time. What I will mention though, is that if you count out Brady and Belichick #YouSilly

Baker Set to Start

The Baker era is officially here. While we all knew there was no way Baker wasn’t going to start, the Browns made it official earlier this week by announcing him as their starter. Call me crazy but a few weeks ago I said the Browns can make the playoffs IF Baker was their QB. I still stand by that prediction. We saw Baker rally against the Jets, and I think he can rally this team, and this city to a Playoff spot. I also think having him play against the Raiders is a great way to gain some confidence. Their pass rush is nonexistent, it’ll give him time to get comfortable in the pocket and make some plays. If he can rip up the raiders defense and get the W, which he will, it’ll give him some confidence in the big leagues and that’ll go a long way in helping this franchise.

Steelers Just Barely Squeak Through

I said this a lot last year and I’ll say it again this year, THE STEELERS ARE SO AVERAGE IT HURTS. They barely escaped with a win this week, if there weren’t so many turnovers they wouldn’t have been as lucky.  People think because they have the best WR in football right now (Brown is the absolute best WR don’t @ me) along with one of the best QBs in the game (Big Ben has his moments , but he’s still Big Ben), along with JuJu who is an animal, that they are such a nasty team. Absolutely not, they suck and they’ll miss the playoffs this year, yes you heard that correctly! The Steelers are missing the playoffs, especially without Bell and if you want to @ me go ahead my twitter is below!


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