NFL Playoff Teams Compared to Food

Football fans, welcome to divisional weekend. Last weekend, we all ate like royalty to celebrate the start of the postseason. This weekend, let’s take a step back from the food and just enjoy the games. Afterall, we need to create room for the Super Bowl in a few weeks. So, today for fun Friday, let’s compare the remaining playoff teams to foods that we all have grown to know and love.

Kansas City Chiefs (Anything Chocolate)


Kansas City Chiefs Chocolate Chip Cookies - Two Sisters

As someone who isn’t a fan of the Chiefs I hate watching them because of how good they are. But, this comparison just makes too much sense. As a football fan, this team is fun to watch. The in game action is just as sweet as biting into a piece of chocolate. Even though not everyone is a fan of Kansas City, just about everyone is a fan of chocolate. It’s rare to find someone who isn’t a fan of chocolate. If the Chiefs don’t provide happiness, hopefully chocolate does (it most likely will)!

Cleveland Browns (Curly Fries)

Why The Heck Do All Curly Fries Taste Exactly the Same?

I know what you’re thinking, how did I come up with this one? Well, let’s break this one down. The curly fry is in a spiral. The Browns are that one team that either spiral for all the right reasons, or for all the wrong reasons. Or, in the case where their isnt a curly fry thats in a spiral, that represents the fans, wanting to detatch if the team is bad. Plus, there are some places that are masters when it comes to making curly fries. Then there are other places that make them when they really shouldn’t.

Baltimore Ravens (Popcorn)

Watch Annals of Obsession | What Popcorn and Vaping Have in Common | The  New Yorker Video | CNE | Newyorker.com | The New Yorker

Heading into the postseason, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens put on a show. That’s what they did last week against Tennessee too. Even though the score was close, one the Ravens took the lead, they never looked back. That’s how everyone eats popcorn. Once you start eating it, you don’t stop. Popcorn is highly addicting, just like watching Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens make play. In all honesty, you can never go wrong with popcorn for any team.

Buffalo Bills (Chicken Wings)

Our Favorite Fun Facts About National Chicken Wing Day - Hearthstone  Kitchen & Cellar

There’s no other food to compare the Bills too. Buffalo Bills players and fans love their chicken wings up there in western New York. The Bills this year have been fun to watch. It’s fun to eat chicken wings. In fact, it’s a whole experience. Chicken Wings are an elite football food and well the Bills this year… have been elite. There’s always room for chicken wings and this season, there’s always room for the Buffalo Bills.

Green Bay Packers (Cheeseburger)

All-American Cheeseburger Recipe - Food Republic

I mean this is too easy. Green Bay has been around since the beginning. Cheeseburgers are true American classics just like the Packers. I know not everyone likes the Packers or burgers, but when you look at them historically, they go together perfectly. Plus, for the burger lovers out there, you can never go wrong with making one, or two, or even three during the big game in a few weeks. Or, you could have multiple sliders!

LA Rams (Scrambled Eggs)

The Best Way to Cook Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast finally makes an appearance! Yes, the Rams are like scrambled eggs and here’s why. The defense always makes the opposing quarterback scramble in the pocket and sometimes out of it. On top of that too, the offense sometimes makes the opposing defenses scramble to get lined up correctly. Or, the make the Rams make their fans scramble around in their living room when they don’t play well.

Tampa Bay Bucs (Spaghetti and Meatballs)

Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe - How to Make Easy Homemade Spaghetti  and Meatballs

An all time classic dish! So let’s explain the meatball part first. The comments Bruce Arians was saying about Tom Brady this year, only a meatball would say that. But, some of those ugly throws Brady made, yeah those were meatball throws, not great. The spaghetti part relates to how well that offense has done the last few weeks leading up to the postseason. They all finally figured it out. Just like spaghetti, it’s been smooth sailing for Brady and the Bucs as of late.

New Orleans Saints (Shrimp Gumbo)

New Orleans Shrimp Sausage Gumbo - My Food Story

It’s not pleasing to look at to an outsider who may not enjoy the components of shrimp gumbo. Just like watching the Saints at times this year, it wasn’t pretty. However, if excecuted perfectly, the flavoring is quite nice, just like the Saints offense. If the offense is rolling early, the Saints are fun to watch. Plus, this is a staple in New Orleans. It wouldn’t be right to compare the Saints to anything else but this.

In Conclusion

Well, if you weren’t hungry going into this, now you are. What do you think of these comparisons? Which ones were way off and which ones were spot on? Let me know! Enjoy the games this weekend!

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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