DJ LeMahieu Off the Board, so What’s Next for the Red Sox?

This is quite the off-season of “interest” for the Boston Red Sox. I’m not even kidding. They literally are interested in a lot of names this off-season. Another one that supposedly they had interest in: former free agent second baseman DJ LeMahieu. There were some rumors that the Red Sox had mutual interest. Well…that can be put to bed today as the Yankees have resigned DJ LaMahieu to a six year, 90 million dollar deal.

So that takes LeMahieu off of the radar for the Red Sox. So now the question is, what’s next for the Red Sox? There are still some big names out there. Will the Red Sox pursue any of them? Let’s discuss!

Corey Kluber

Tony Massarotti has the right idea here. The Red Sox are a perfect candidate for Kluber’s services. He’s pitched extremely well in the American League in the past. The former Indians star pitcher is looking for a one year “prove it” deal for the 2021 season. This is literally a win-win situation for the Boston Red Sox. They need starters and you don’t have to commit to Kluber for a long period of time. This is one that I would hate to see slip away.

Marcus Semien

There is also speculation about Marcus Semien. Make no mistake about it, the Red Sox need a long term plan at second base. Marcus Semien could be your answer. He was an MVP candidate not too long ago. The man can also learn from Dustin Pedroia. This Red Sox team has the money to spend on him. No reason to not get this deal done.

Marcell Ozuna

It looks like Andrew Benintendi is on his way out of Boston. The Red Sox need an outfielder. Enter into the picture, Marcell Ozuna. The Boston Red Sox need some outfield help and Ozuna could be a big fish to land. He has absurd power that will be awesome for Fenway Park. The money is there. Again, no reason the Red Sox shouldn’t be in the hunt for Ozuna’s services.

In Conclusion

I need a signing to get me excited for 2021. As I’ve said before, hiring back Alex Cora was a great first step. But where are the moves afterwards? The market is slow, yes. But now with LeMahieu taken care of, other dominos will start to fall. Plus, remember what Buster Olney tweeted a few days ago?

Yeah, let’s see these moves in action.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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