NFL Makes Decision Regarding Tyreek Hill Suspension

Don’t you just LOVE the NFL’s disciplinary system?

A guy can beat his child, and girlfriend, and get away with it no problem. But god forbid someone wants to smoke some weed, that’s where the NFL draws their line.

The NFL ruled this morning that Tyreek Hill would not be suspended due to a lack of evidence against the Pro Bowl WR in his domestic violence case, which I find to be a load of bull shit. The fact that stories like this continue to follow Hill around lead me to believe he’s a bad guy. Despite the league’s “lack of evidence,” Hill should have been suspended. The NFL is just too cowardice to do anything about it.

If the league can come down on Tom Brady for deflating footballs, Hill should receive SOMETHING solely due to the fact that this story has gone on for as long as it has. And this isn’t even me being mad that Brady got suspended and Hill didn’t. That’s just one of the MANY examples of the NFL suspending guys for stupid shit vs. not suspending the actual bad guys. Do they get it right sometimes? Absolutely. But when you have a guy who has a history of DV continue to be accused of it, I just don’t get what the league is thinking by not giving him some sort of suspension. I’d say I’m shocked today, but the NFL hasn’t given me a reason over the past few years for this shit to surprise me.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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