Dear NFL, An 18 Game NFL Season Will Never Work

The NFL has proposed a way to make the NFL season longer. They want to cut the preseason down to 2 games, and add two games to the regular season, making it an 18 game schedule. This would also eliminate the bye week, which is great, right? More football is what everyone wants! But they always have to add a twist, it’s never THAT easy.

They propose to put a limit on each players games played in a season at 16, so they would have to sit out 2 games during the season. The main concern with this rule has been the backup QB situation. This would force teams to play their backup QB twice a year. This is a concern not only for teams to decide which games are strategically the best game to play their backup, but it could also take away from the entertainment value. Fans are going to be much less likely to buy a ticket when they know the backup QB is playing, or even when a superstar running back or wide receiver is sitting out.

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There are so many more problems that come along with this. An offensive line works as a cohesive unit and having to sit out one or two linemen here and there could cause a huge chemistry problem. Not to mention the issue of having your QB potentially protected by a backup left tackle against some terrifying pass rushers. One of their other reasons behind this is to generate more money to increase the salary cap, but I feel like it would just even itself out. Having to sit out DBs, linebackers and other positions would force your special teamers into action.

And if that backup player were to get hurt while a starter isn’t dressed, you’re left with nothing. So it would only make sense that the size of the roster would have to increase to make this work. So the amount of salary cap increase would just go toward more players on the roster. So, no Todd Gurley, you’ll never get NBA money. Get over it.

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-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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