New York Subway Trashing The Knicks Is As Classic Knicks As It Gets

Is this real life? This is the BEST thing that I’ve seen all day today. No matter how much of a joke the Celtics ever become, I guarantee you that there is no chance in hell that you would ever see this wrap around the T in Boston slamming the boys in green.

This is rock bottom for the Knicks and New York basketball fans. I honestly give you credit for sticking it out for this long and being loyal. But my God. You guys even screwed up subway-riding Phil Jackson by inserting him into the front office.

Hopeless is the word that comes into the brain when I think about the Knicks too if we’re being honest.

Hilarious stuff and for whoever did this, I commend you. This is more diabolical stuff than any person in Mean Girls could have came up with.

Also… It’s October 3rd.

Written By: Nick Quaglia(@NickQuag)

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