It’s Dumb That The PGA Isn’t Back

With all the uncertainty that surrounds sports these days, there is one sport that is probably the most suitable to return and is open in all 50 states… but just not at the professional level.  So this brings me to my next question, where is the PGA?

Golf courses are open in all 50 states and every casual player has been playing a shit ton of golf.  I know for me personally I go 2-3 days per week simply because there is literally nothing else to do.  However thank God for Monday when Phase 2 opens in Massachusetts and we can get some breweries back.  But anyway, why hasn’t the PGA Tour come back?  Golf in itself is a social distancing game.  It is you vs. the ball and hardily ever do we see two players literally side-by-side when they hit the ball.  So where are you at?  The PGA has literally gone radio silent.  Like you see NBA back July 31, NHL is back July 1, NFlL has said no changes to plans and MLB is fighting with it’s players but you hear nothing from golf.

My guess is because of the travelling.  But why can’t they adopt an NBA type model?  Play at a central state, say like Florida.  You know how many professional courses are in Florida?  The answer is a lot.  You would still get the same amount of sponsorship as you would if fans were allowed to attend.  P.S. golf does not need fans anyway.  Of course it brings excitement to the match and the crowd screaming on a walk off putt is electric, but it is not needed.  It just doesn’t make any sense for the PGA to not be playing right now.  I think out of any sport that shouldn’t have any effects because of coronavirus, it would be golf.

I understand they might be nervous about older players and what not, but Florida is an open state.  Golf has also been opened around the country.  Like this is totally different than NBA and NHL.  These are contact sports and I get why they are taking forever to reopen, but like come on PGA lets get this ball rolling and lets get the guys back out there.

-John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4) 

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