NBA Fans Need To Chill

Okay, I normally don’t do these types of rant articles but today I have to. NBA fans need to chill. The fact that it’s now becoming a nightly thing where fans do something dispicable is unacceptable. Fans haven’t been able to attend games since early 2020 due to the Pandemic. You would think that fans would behave, right? Wrong! Very wrong! One instance of fans misbehaving is more than enough. But four? The NBA needs to respond and protect their players. This cannot keep happening. The consequences need to be more severe than a life time ban from the arena.

Russell Westbrook’s incident in Philadelphia

This was the first incident that happened in round one of the NBA playoffs. Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook is walking off the court after suffering an injury and a fan really thought it was a good idea to dump popcorn on him. For many reasons this is not okay. First, it’s disrespectful to Westbrook himself. He’s walking off with an injury. The last thing he needs to worry about is protecting himself. Next, it’s a waste of food. Also it’s an unecessary mess that the floor keepers have to clean up. Now, that fan looks like a complete fool in front of the entire country. Just keep your hands and objects to yourself, it’s pretty sad some fans can’t follow the first basic lesson we are all taught in preschool.

Trae Young’s incident in New York

Yes, a New York Knicks fan spat on Trae Young. Disgusting! Even though the Pandemic isn’t as bad as it was this time last year, it’s absolutely disgusting to think that a fan would spit on someone during this time period. That’s one way to get someone sick. Plus, in the video you can see another fan also flinch as if she might of gotten some spit on her as well. These players are not animals or entertainment acts, they’re humans just like you and me. Common sense would say to not spit on someone, period.

Kyrie Irving’s incident in Boston

Out of all the incident’s this is the one that’s most talked about, understandably so. Kyrie Irving finally played in front of Boston Celtics fans for the first time since he left to team up with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. At the end of game 4, a victory for Brooklyn, Irving walks over to high five his teammates… and stomp on the Celtics logo. 

Not cool. Kyrie Irving wonders why Celtics fans hate him and yet he does stuff like this. Very childish! However, this shouldn’t provoke someone to throw a bottle of water at him. This capped off the two game trip where Kyrie had choice words for the city of Boston and Boston fans in general. The Celtics fan was arrested and was given a lifetime ban from TD Garden. However, there could be more punishment on the way as he was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

One final disturbance in Washington

Atleast the players were left out of this one. This one is just attention seeking. But still, this isn’t needed or wanted by anyone. It’s annoying. The players have had it and it’s understandable as to why. These occasions need to end.

Final thoughts

NBA fans need to chill. If this continues, the NBA should ban fans since it’s becoming a nightly routine. Or, have teams not sell tickets that are for the seats that are close to the floor. All first level seats or maybe the first ten rows should be gone. Players are sick of this, and fans like myself have seen enough! The NBA needs to do something to make the players feel protected.

-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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