My Top 5 Favorite Patriots Players Of All Time

Happy fun Friday everyone! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m starting to go over what each NFL team should do in the offseason. So far, I’ve done offseason needs for the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. For the next two months, every Tuesday and Thursday will be articles about how two teams could improve. On fun Friday’s, I’ll be naming my top five favorite players from one of the teams that are written about that week. Today, for obvious reasons, I’m naming my top five favorite Patriots players. Each week, the list will go from five to one. Let’s get into it, shall we?

5. Dont’a Hightower

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Ever since New England drafted him back in 2012, I’ve loved Hightower. If you wear number 54, you have to be a good player. Hightower has set the bar even higher if another player should wear number 54 ever again. Hightower is a true leader on the defensive side of the ball and he was missed this past season. When talking about the Patriots defense, it is impossible to not mention Dont’a Hightower. Hopefully he makes his return to the team next season and leads the defense back to dominance.

4. Devin McCourty

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In the debate of which McCourty do you like better, my answer is Devin. Devin McCourty has been with the Patriots his entire career and is required to never leave for another team. It is illegal for DMac to wear another jersey in the NFL. On and off the field he’s a great guy to be around. Devin, along with his brother Jason have given back to the community on many occasions. McCourty has been a finalist for Walter Payton Man of The Year award which to me is the best award. The award goes to a player who makes a difference on and off the field. McCourty helps out the community and doesn’t expect an award for it. He’s just in general an awesome person to be around. His talent on the field doesn’t go unseen either. He’s a captain for a reason.

3. Randy Moss

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The greatest wide receiver to ever play the game is number three on my list. Yes, he’s better than Jerry Rice, I don’t care what “experts” think. The only blemish about Moss is that he never won a Super Bowl. He came close in his first year with New England but that was it. The day he was traded back to Minnesota I was devestated to see him go. He was by far my favorite wide receiver that ever wore a Patriots uniform. Every Saturday night I wouldn’t be able to sleep because of how excited I was since I knew Randy would be playing the next day. Even to this day, I still watch highlights of him when he was a Patriot. I wish he stayed and finished his career here in New England.

2. Vince Wilfork

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I mean… this list would be garbage if Big Vince didn’t make an appearance. Vince was awesome. This dude is a literal monster. In his prime, he was unstoppable. His greatest moments on the field were his interceptions, espeically his first one agaisnt the Chargers where he ran it down the field.

I mean look at the big man rumble down the field! Such grace in his running! This interception is my favorite play of his of all time. Off the field though, he saved someone’s life. After the AFC Championship game in 2015, Wilfork pulled a woman out of her vehicle and saved her life. On the field and off the field he is a hero. If you don’t like Big Vince, you don’t like football. It’s that simple. I love Big Vince so I love football.

1. Tom Brady

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That’s correct, I’ve met the GOAT! Tom Brady will forever be my favorite Patriots player and my favorite football player. I missed him this year. At times I wasn’t nice talking about him, but I take it all back. He’s got seven rings, and six of were in New England. I can’t be mad about that. Tom Brady will forver be a legend and I hope fans can go to Patriots games next year because you know I’ll be at Gilette when Tampa comes to town. As I’ve already said, Brady is GOAT.

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