My Thoughts On Major League Baseball 2020 Edition

So the World Series ended a week ago. We now know the Dodgers are the 2020 World Series Champs after 32 years. A lot has happened since the Nationals won the 2019 World Series. I want to give my thoughts on everything MLB. There is somethings that I want to see changed, but also some things that came into play this past season I liked. I will be talking free agency next week.

Clayton Kershaw

For years people have been saying the Clayton Kershaw was not a good playoff pitcher. If you look at his regular season numbers, Kershaw is arguably one of the great left-handed pitchers ever. a 3 time CY Young, MVP, won a triple crown, the list goes on. But, once it came to the playoffs the Dodgers could never get over the hurdle and win the World Series.

Before this postseason Kershaw had a record 9-13 in the playoffs. In the 2020 playoffs he went 4-1. Before I get into everything, after this postseason Kershaw had the most strikeouts in playoff history. So he was doing well, but not enough to win games. Kershaw’s ERA goes from 2.43 in the regular season to 4.19 in the playoffs.

I believe all this behind Kershaw being a bad pitcher in the playoffs is so overblown. He suffered some tough losses early in his career. Also he was pitching an average of 226 innings between 2011-2015. That is when he was winning CY Youngs and a MVP. After pitching that much and then more once the playoffs start, it is hard to maintain the same level. Also, the Dodgers have made the playoffs every season since 2013. That is at least an extra 10-30 innings on top of everything from the regular season.

Finally Kershaw had the team around him to win the World Series. He went 2-0 with 2 great starts to help the Dodgers in the World Series. I am so happy for him. I do not think this will be his only ring.

Clayton Kershaw lifts World Series trophy, quiets critics for now | Fox News

Universal DH

This was a new rule with the COVID shorten 2020 season. Rumors have it that it will not be back in 2021 if the season is normal. So, this rule was every team had a DH instead of just the American League having it.

I was one of those people who liked the mental game of the National League. But, once I saw the game with a DH for every team I feel in love. I am someone who is all for the players. This rule gives more jobs for guys. Now there are an extra 15 spots one for players who can hit. Also it gives players a long career. Many times a player who is older cannot sign with a National League team if they cannot be a good fielder.

If I could have it I would keep this rule for the rest of time. I do not want to go back to seeing pitchers hit. Managers still have to figure out when to take out a pitcher. The strategy does not change all too much. So keep it and let more players play.

National League Will Adopt the Designated Hitter Position for This Abbreviated 2020 Season - Sports Illustrated

Rob Manfred

Oh yes the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Boy do I not like him. I do not think he has done a good job with his job. He listens only to the owners and not the players. I do get the Major League Baseball Players Association is one of the best unions in the whole world. It must be hard to deal with them.

The way he handle the Astro’s cheating scandal was awful. Maybe he would not have gotten some of the answers they needed if players were going to get suspended. But, not one player getting any punishment was not a good look.

Also when the negotiations to play the 2020 was the worst. Manfred was letting the owners opening and publicly trashing the players. It got to the point the players just gave in and let the owners get their way. Players just want to get fairly paid for the amount of money they bring in for the league.

Manfred needs to figure out his stuff before it is too late. He thinks trying to speed up the game will get younger fans. That is not it. LET THE PLAYERS PLAY! People want to see bat flips and fist pumps after strikeouts. Also let people use highlights. That is why the NBA is so big. Once a guy dunks anyone can share it. No one can share a MLB highlight until they tweet it out. Let people use highlights.

Is Rob Manfred more likely to punish the Red Sox simply to save face? - The Boston Globe

Neutral Site World Series

For the COVID shorten 2020 season the MLB had a neutral site World Series. That was because they wanted to do a bubble to try to keep players safe (we all know what happened). This was a good idea in my opinion. According to former Legends Lingo guest Eric Hubbs of Barstool this idea should get Manfred fired.

I am on the other side of that conversation. If the MLB has a set location for the World Series families can plan a trip to it. Most years the World Series is the best baseball one could see all year. It will help grow the game of baseball. More people will be able to see the World Series in person. Also, a lot of fans for the teams in it can still go. They will be able to buy tickets once their team makes the playoffs and see if that team makes it to the World Series.

2020 World Series - Wikipedia


So there are my thoughts on the 2020 MLB season and what should happen going forward. If you want to see what I said about the World Series see it here. Also listen to my podcast Legends Lingo! If you have other opinions please tweet me and let me know what you think.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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