My Favorite Baseball Team Hates Itself

Hey guys. Happy Labor Day.tlumacki_soxvsyankees715-001.jpg

I just heard that the Red Sox are getting rid of Hanley Ramirez. Why? My only question is why?

I hate reading so I’m not looking into the specifics behind this, but basically –why the fuck are we getting rid of Hanley?

He has half a dozen homers and a bushel of RBIs. Hanley is good at baseball. He will hit 30 homers and 100+ ribby’s this year. What’d you say? He’s getting outplayed by J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts right now? To that I say — who gives a shit? If you tell me Hanley is the fourth or fifth best hitter on a baseball team all I hear is that that lineup is a World Series contender.

Let’s not even talk about the fact Hanley had a bum shoulder last year and is still probably getting back into a groove. But no. The Sox are right. Let’s cut him late May to make room for DUSTIN PEDROIA?

I love Dustin Pedroia more than anyone but he is 68 years old and is very short and small and has brittle bones.

I hate the Red Sox. Why can’t we just have fun and watch a good baseball team hit a million homeruns? Why do we have to over complicate things?

The Sox are that kid in fantasy football who sits Gronk at 12:45pm on a Sunday because they heard “Eric Ebron is about to go off”.

Oh and P.S. all the lame asses who say Hanley doesn’t take the game “seriously enough” can get stung by bees. He’s a professional baseball player who has fun getting paid millions to play a game. He was 8-10 in the playoffs last year and the only person on our team producing. Leave him alone -I love him!

See ya.

-Steak Jones

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