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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting tired of all the speculation. I wish something would just happen already so we don’t have to wonder.


Torey Krug is going, no, wait… maybe he’s staying. The Bruins offered him a 6-year deal at $6.5 million. Also, trade Jake DeBrusk? Trade Tuukka Rask? My head is spinning.


Here’s what I have to say about the nonstop trade talk.


Tuukka Rask

If you know me personally, you know how much of a Tuukka apologist I am. This isn’t even bias, this is common sense. He should be untouchable, for now.


Recently, TSN listed Tuukka as a trade the Bruins have been discussing. I understand his future with the team is uncertain, but why would you jump the gun? 2020-2021 is the last year of his contract. Let the best goalie in franchise history finish his deal, then we can talk about what’s going to happen. We all know the Bruins are desperately trying to make one more deep playoff run with the current squad. Removing Tuukka from the equation would be costly and not in the team’s best interest.


He still performs as he should, finishing in second place for the Vezina this year. More importantly, his absence from the Bruins in the bubble was detrimental. They still need him to get the big wins when they matter most.


Oliver Ekman-Larsson

This has probably been the biggest name that’s been thrown around so far. I have mixed feelings about this one, as it could go either way. Ekman-Larsson could be an ideal replacement for Krug because of his age. They are both 29 years old. But then why not just keep Krug? Ekman-Larsson is currently under contract with the Arizona Coyotes until 2026-2027. His AAV is not cheap – $8,250,000 to be exact. If he ends up being a better fit than Krug, then the Bruins will have made the right choice. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict if this will actually be the case.


Overall, Krug has been the better player offensively, but it’s important to note that he has been playing for the better team. Ekman-Larsson’s numbers are still impressive considering he doesn’t have much to work with in regards to his teammate’s production. He could even potentially play more minutes than Krug, which is an upside. He averages about three more minutes of TOI than Krug does each game.


Additionally, since he is the Coyotes captain, this could also be a leadership-focused trade. Captain Zdeno Chara doesn’t have much time left in Boston, and while Ekman-Larsson probably wouldn’t become the new captain, he can offer a strong presence in the locker room and on the ice.


No matter how you dice it, this is a tricky trade. In my opinion, it’s too risky to swap Krug (who is already a well-known good fit) with a player who would need to start from scratch in Boston.


Brandon Carlo and Jake DeBrusk

I truly hate the thought of either of these players leaving Boston.


DeBrusk has been inconsistent, but he’s only 23 years old. I would like to see him snag another short-term deal, mainly because of his potential. There aren’t many comparable players who bring the same passion and speed that he does. He would be hard to replace in general, considering similar players are either too old or too expensive.


One example is Tyler Toffoli of the Vancouver Canucks. Toffoli is a 28-year-old winger whose contract is expiring this offseason, same as DeBrusk. Their stats are similar, however, Toffoli is older and much more expensive. Toffoli’s AAV is $4.6 million while DeBrusk’s is $1.3 million. It would make no sense to make a trade like this and get rid of young talent. The Bruins have done this before and he goes by the name of Tyler Seguin.


Carlo would be a huge loss considering the team’s defensive uncertainties. Again, with Krug most likely gone and Chara too, Carlo is a key piece at the blue line. Like DeBrusk, Carlo is also only 23 years old. At six feet, five inches tall and 212 pounds, he offers the physical presence the Bruins need.


Anders Bjork

The Edmonton Oilers have reportedly shown interest in Bjork.


“Sources say the Oilers engaged the Boston Bruins on a left/right wing swap, Alex Chiasson for Anders Bjork,” TSN reporter Frank Seravalli wrote. “Assistant GM Keith Gretzky drafted Bjork in Boston. We’ll see where that goes, but the Oilers are pursuing a number of similar left/right swaps with other teams.”


Personally, I think this is an unfair trade. Chiasson would be a downgrade for the Bruins. He is 30 years old and while he has put up more points than Bjork recently, you’re once again looking at giving up young talent.


Bjork hasn’t even played a full season with the Bruins yet. In 2018, he suffered a season-ending left shoulder injury, which resulted in him playing only 30 games. In 2019, he spent some time in the AHL with the Providence Bruins. This was, once again, after he suffered the same season-ending injury. Now, with this year’s pandemic, he still hasn’t had a chance to prove himself throughout an 82 game period. Letting him go this early in his career would be a travesty.


Every Ending Has A New Beginning

None of these trades make me happy, but it depends on what the Bruins get in return. Either way, the Bruins will be giving up someone good for (hopefully) someone even better. It’s always hard to trade guys that are well-liked, but if the Bruins want to boost their Stanley Cup chances, it’s their only option.


– Caylee Allard (@2kaRask)


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