My 2020 MLB Christmas Wish List

It is Christmas Eve Eve Eve as I write this. I have a few things that I want to see the MLB do for the 2021 season. Some of these are simple wishes, others are going to take a little more. What is on your MLB Christmas list? If you have something different tweet at me!

Universal Designated Hitter

I have spoken about this in many articles and on Legends Lingo. I will not go into great length about it. But I am all for giving more players jobs. This creates 15 more jobs for players. Also, the MLB is always trying to grow the game. What is one of the best ways to grow the game? Have more homeruns. Who does not like moon shots and bat flips (maybe the pitchers). What is the easiest way to have more homers? Have a pitcher hit or have a guy paid to hit? That is how you can grow the game. Easy more bombs = more fans.

Could a Mariners reunion with Nelson Cruz happen this offseason?

No More Blackouts

I know not everyone is a national baseball fan like myself, but there are so many blackouts when it comes to watching MLB games. A lot of times it is when a team is playing on national tv. Whatever their local market is cannot watch it on the local station. You have to watch the national tv broadcast or sometimes you cannot even find your team playing. The MLB needs to get rid of this.

MLB.tv's blackout rules and you: Which cities are impacted the most? | Sporting News

Highlights Highlights Highlights

Another way to grow the game here. If you know me you know I hate how hard it is to share highlights of the MLB. You cannot share a highlight on social media unless it is already shared by a MLB account. If you do share a highlight it could be deleted and you could be suspended from that social media platform. The NBA is growing so fast and that is because they let anyone share their highlights. Get with the times MLB.

Juan Soto's clutch hit in the 8th lifts Nationals | NL Wild Card Highlights | MLB Postseason - YouTube


Now to the more far-fetched part of my wish list

Padres Win 2021 World Series

I was high on the Padres going into 2020 and now I am fully in love with them. They are in my top 3 favorite teams (behind the Cubs and Red Sox). Just watch Tatis Jr bat flip here. How do you not love this team?!?! I believe the Padres are still a few pieces away from being a true contender, but they have a chance to be great. I do not think the Dodgers are going to be running away with the NL West anymore.

Harper Back In The Playoffs

One of the most exciting players in baseball is missed from the playoffs. Bryce Harper needs to be back in the playoffs and soon. I do not think it will be with the Phillies. So, he just asked them to be traded. He needs to get out of Philly. They promised Harper to spend a lot of money to compete with the best teams. Well now they are crying broke. Get Harper to somewhere that has a chance to win and win now. We deserve to see Harper in the playoffs.

This is my city': Bryce Harper 0 for 4 in possibly last home Nats game | WTOP

Wrap Up

This was a quicker article. But it is the things I am wishing for on Christmas 2020. I cannot be more excited for the 2021 season to come. Also, if you have not heard we are recording episode 100 for Legends Lingo tomorrow. Please give it a listen or a watch! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Legends Lingo and Couch Guy Sports fans out there!

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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