Movie Summary: Overboard (2018)

Overboard is a sort of good story of a man, Leonardo, played by Eugenio Derbez, who’s family owns a multi-million dollar business, who owns a yacht, hires a single working class mother of three, Kate (Anna Faris) who struggles to make payments on her house. He hires her as a cleaner on his big yacht and they hit it off right at the beginning as they argue about their lives being so different, with so many bad names thrown out by Kate to Leo. Shortly after he precedes to push her into the water near the dock before they aboard on a vacation. She goes back to her old low paying job but he shortly finds himself man overboard due to rough waters. He washes up on shore and finds himself, naked, dirt poor and in the hospital. He doesn’t remember who he is and where he is from amongst other things. Kate on the other hand, comes to the hospital, and fakes a marriage to get him out of the hospital. He then becomes this fake husband and father to her three kids as he takes them swimming, soccer practice, and having dinner together as a family.

Overall, this is the arch of his character comes to play, he went from being rich and having this luxurious lifestyle to living a normal working class lifestyle. He begins to fall for this lifestyle he lives with these kids and his fake wife, Kate but towards the end he realizes that it was all a setup from his real family making him realize what kind of person he was to what he has become. They come to take him back with a fresh new look on life and contributes to his family business in a meaningful life, not living the life of a rich bachelor snob.

Towards the end, he is aboard his yacht, when Kate catches up to him on the ocean with her friends boat, he jumps overboard to be with her again for real. They end up realizing that the yacht is in his name and that’s the money he has to live a life with Kate.

The End

Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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