Movie Review: Gotti (2018)

The movie Gotti (2018) directed by Kevin Connolly, headlined by main star John Trovolta, who plays John Gotti, the infamous mob boss who headed the Gambino crime family in the early 1980s, chronicled Gotti’s rise within the Gambino family to his son, Gotti Jr’s, eventual head of the family business. In the two hour film, Connolly details several important pieces of events of Gotti’s life that got him to where he was, top guy of the family. This movie leaves me with a background of knowledge of his rise but I do not think this was enough, I wanted to see more of why he wanted to put a hit on his boss Paul Castellano, what decisions Paul made to get John mad. It only really showed him as a standoffish mob boss who let the underbosses, John and his crew do all the business where he was staying lavishly in his mansion. This movie kind of skipped the prime years of his ruthless killing and business deals that Gotti Sr was so known for. Even if it has to be dramatized for the movie, because of the lack of information that the FBI has (or wants to release), I would of liked to see more instances of how the family was run during his reign of terror in New York City. The movie really dove deep into his family (real family) life and his reaction loosing his son in a motorist-pedestrian accident, but that seemed less important to his overall aurora that we all remember him by.

Overall I would definitely recommend this movie for others to watch, I thoroughly enjoyed it but it left me wanting more. I would give this movie a rating of a B+.

-Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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