Montrezl Harrell’s Departure from Clips Is A Symptom Of Disfunction

The energetic big man and one of the emotional leaders of the recent Clippers iterations has left for greener pastures.

And by greener I mean literally the same pastures. The color of the pasture is purple and gold.

The small angry one is…well still small and angry.

What does this mean for both sides?

Great for the Lake Show

It is not often you can pickup a big who fits the modern game in as many ways as Trez does.

He can switch and plays with great energy on both sides of the ball.

No ways about it, this makes the Lakers better.

This also makes the Clippers worse, which is good for the Lakers as the Clips were maybe their main rival in the West at the moment.

The path grows ever clearer for Lebron to win another title as he inches towards MJ in the GOAT conversation.

Uhhh…bad for the Clips

Yea…that is not great.

The Clippers could have matched this deal but did not.

Another leader of the emotional variety, Pat Bev, as we saw, is big mad.

Trez is good! I would be too. Especially to a rival…ouch.

The leaders of the emotionless variety (Leonard) and of the scared of playoffs variety (PG13) have not reacted as much.

You know, however, they are not happy behind closed doors.

The Clippers did not pose much of a challenge to the Lakers even with Harrell (who could not cover AD, btw), so this makes it worse.

Clippers Culture

This obviously goes against the idea that Ballmer has created something healthy in LA.

No, not the cool LA team, the lame one. Harrell went to the cool LA squad.

Kawhi is not a good leader, obviously, and PG is a beta.

Lou Will is awesome but loves strip clubs. Doc is gone.

The Clippers seem excited to go back to the old days of dysfunction; before Blake showed up and ushered in an era of moderate success.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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