Krug’s Bond with “Fist Bump Kid” Remains Strong

Although Torey Krug is no longer on the Boston Bruins that does not mean that his relationship with “Fist Bump Kid” Liam Fitzgerald is over.

Fist Bump Kid

For those who are unfamiliar with Liam Fitzgerald, he is essentially a huge part of the Boston Bruins organization. The 13-year-old was born with Down Syndrome and has also battled Leukemia. Fitzgerald is a devoted Bruins fan. His claim to fame arose when Fitzgerald attended a Bruins game back in 2014. He had the opportunity to sit by the bench during warmups and bumped fists with players like Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand. Ever since that moment, Fitzgerald has held a special spot in the Bruins’ hearts, especially ex-Bruin Torey Krug.

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It’s Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye

It’s never easy saying goodbye to beloved players, especially those who grew up on the team. Liam’s tweet is something that many Bruins fans can relate to. The Bruins losing a player like Torey Krug is quite difficult. To be honest, this was the most pain I felt losing a Bruins player to another team (especially the Blues…). Don’t worry Liam, you’re not the only one who was crying. And of course, the gentleman that Krug is, he responded to Liam’s tweet.

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Torey’s Goodbye Letter to Liam

After reading Torey Krug’s letter to Liam I expected nothing less from a class act player. He obviously cares about Liam and the tremendous support Liam has given the Bruins over the years. Krug emphasizes the fact that although he may be moving onto another city, he will not let his relationship with Liam diminish.

“Dear Liam,

I saw the tweet you posted after I signed with the Blues and I wanted you to know that it got me thinking about all the great times we’ve had together in Boston.

I remember the day you first went viral on social media. You were sitting on the bench giving all of us a fist bump and then Gregory Campbell fist bumped you so hard that he hurt your hand. I didn’t know you very well back then, but that was when I first started to get to know you.

Do you remember when my defense partner was Adam McQuaid? Well, one time after a game, Adam was going to go visit you and asked me to come along to meet his little buddy. After that day, I knew you would be one of the most special friends I would ever make in Boston. I remember how Adam told me that you looked up to us, but before the night was over, Adam and I looked up to you.

Do you remember that time we went bowling at Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz’s charity event? After we bowled, we hung out and checked out a concert together. My brother was there, and he was more excited about getting a picture with the Fist Bump Kid than actually watching the show.

Do you remember at TD Garden how I would come out to the ice all intense all the time and ready for the game? As I walked by, you would always yell “I LOVE YOU, TOREY!” No matter how much I was focused on the big game, that always made me stop and smile.

I’m going to miss stuff like that in St. Louis.

To thank you for always being a good friend, and to celebrate the fact that you’ve been cancer free for more than seven years now, I’m sending you a gift in the mail. Keep an eye out for it because it should be arriving soon!

Anyway, I’m packing up and I’ll be moving to the Midwest soon. I know Boston is a long way from St. Louis, but I want you to know that I’m not going to forget you just because I play for the Blues now. We may be further apart, but I’ll always cherish the friendship we have.

I know you’ll be cheering for me back there in Boston.

So before I go, I just wanted to say: I LOVE YOU, DUDE!” 

Liam is a very special person to not only the Bruins but the overall fanbase as well! Thank you for being a huge part of the organization!

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