MLS Players Association votes to ratify Collective Bargaining Agreement amendments

More good news has emerged on the Major League Soccer Collective Bargaining Agreement front. Based on statements released by MLS and the MLSPA, negotiations have progressed well. This news is particularly encouraging with regards to the schedule of the 2021 MLS. 

With preseason training scheduled to get underway on February 22nd, it was particularly important for the involved parties to reach an agreement. Now, it seems as though they have.  

MLS Statement

On February 5th, Major League Soccer released a statement on a tentative agreement between MLS and the MLSPA.

Per the statement, the new Collective Bargaining Agreement will be in place for the next seven years. The tweet from Major League Soccer also pointed out that the agreement was subject to a vote among the MLS players. 

MLSPA Statement

As of 2:00 PM EST on February 8th, the MLSPA confirmed that its players voted in favor of the new CBA.

It is a strong statement from the MLSPA. It’s also one that is great to read as an MLS fan. 

It is important to remember that the 2021 season is another that will be taking place under exceptional circumstances. Asking players to travel and compete in the middle of a pandemic is not something that should be taken lightly. Therefore, it was important to ensure that the players felt comfortable with the proposed terms.

Now that the majority of players have voted to go ahead with this new CBA, we can safely assume that those conditions have been met. The great work from the Players Association to ensure this was the case should not be overlooked. 

A key point in the new agreement is that the players will receive 100% of their compensation for the 2021 season. More details about the terms of the agreement can be found on the MLS website.

The news of the agreement was not just met with excitement from fans, but from players as well. Felipe Martins, Jeff Attinella and Julian Gressel are three such players who took to Twitter to share their support for the agreement. 

Looking Ahead

With this new CBA in place, the 2021 MLS season should hit the key dates that have already been released. 

As a result, we can all look forward to the season getting underway in just under two month’s time.

For fans in New England, this is a particularly exciting prospect. It will not be long before the Revolution set out to build upon last year’s impressive trip to the Eastern Conference Final. 

Hats off to both the MLS and MLSPA for finding common ground during these negotiations. A work stoppage in 2021 would have been detrimental to the exciting progress that the league is making. 

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