MLB Trade Deadline Buzz! MLB Recap Week 6

In this COVID-19 season the MLB Trade Deadline was rather busy. Normally it falls on July 31st every year but this year it got pushed to August 31st. There were some major deals that happened. Also, Lucas Giolito threw a No-Hitter on Tuesday 8/25. Lastly I will talk about the boycotting done by MLB teams at the very end of the article.


Trade Deadline Deals

Probably the biggest trade of the day was Mike Clevinger and Greg Allen went from the Indians to the Padres. The Padres traded away Austin Hedges, Josh Naylor, Cal Quantrill, Gabriel Arias, Joey Cantillo, and Owen Miller.

As many people remember Clevinger got himself on the wrong side on the Indians after going out to a party in Chicago. The Indians have now traded away 3 of the top 15-20 pitchers in all of the MLB (Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, and now Clevinger). The Padres are in win now mode and I think it is amazing. As I said in last weeks article Tatis Jr is the most exciting player in baseball and he can help them win now. The Padres see a chance to win and win now so they are going all in. I am on the band wagon and there to stay.

Another major move is Starling Marte is heading from the D-Backs to the Marlins for Caleb Smith and Humberto Mejia. The Marlins have a legit chance of making the postseason right now. They are in second place in the NL East only 2.5 games out of 1st. They see a window to make it in and want to capitalize.

Another moves include: Mike Minor to the A’s from Texas. Blue Jays get Robbie Ray from the D-Backs for Travis Bergen. Reds trade for Archie Bradley from the D-Backs for Stuart Fairchild and Josh VanMeter. If I missed any trades you were looking for check it out here.

MLB trade deadline 2020: Six teams that will impact the market

Lucas Giolito Throw 2020 First No-No

I was lying in my bed about to go to sleep (yes I go to sleep around 10:30pm) and I saw on Twitter that Giolito was 3 outs away from throwing a no-hitter. I was able to jump on a link by MLB and see the 9th inning. He looked like he had barley pitched anything. He looked ready to finish this thing off.

Giolito ended the game with 1 walk and 13 strikeouts in only 101 pitches. That few pitches with that many strikeouts is unbelievable. I have been a huge fan of his since he was on Starting 9 and I learned about his struggles. A good read is here about what he overcame to get to where he is out now. I love stories where a guy struggles and then figures it out to become dominate. I see a Cy Young in his future.

Lucas Giolito (@LGio27) | Twitter

WEEKLY RECAP (8/24 – 8/30)

AL East

Orioles: 0-5 Lost all 5 road games to the Rays and Blue Jays.

Red Sox: 3-2 Split the 2 games play at the Blue Jays and won 2 of 3 at home verse the Nationals.

Yankees: 3-4 Got swept in a doubleheader at the Braves then won 3 of 5 at home against the Mets.

Rays: 5-1 Lost the last game of series verse the Blue Jays then won 2 against the Orioles and swept the Marlins to end the week.

Blue Jays: 5-1 Won the last game of a series at the Rays then split 2 games verse the Red Sox and swept the Orioles at home.

Toronto Blue Jays roster and schedule for 2020 season

AL Central

White Sox: 4-1 Swept a 2 game home series against the Pirates (including Giolito’s no-no) the won 2 of 3 at home verse the Royals.

Indians: 4-2 won 2 of 3 in series verse the Twins and at the Cardinals.

Tigers: 5-1 won 2 of 3 at home verse the Cubs the swept 3 games against the Twins.

Royals: 2-4 Lost 2 of 3 in 2 road series at the Cardinals and White Sox.

Twins: 1-5 Won 1 of 3 at the Indians then got swept at the Tigers.

Detroit Tigers: 2020 American League Central Division Outlook

AL West

Astros: 4-1 Won 2 of 3 verse the Angels then swept a doubleheader verse the A’s.

Angels: 3-3 Lost 2 of 3 at the Astros then won 2 of 3 at home verse the Mariners.

Athletics: 2-3 Won 2 of 3 at the Rangers the got swept in a doubleheader by the Astros.

Mariners: 3-3 Won 2 of 3 at the Padres and lost 2 of 3 at the Angels.

Rangers: 2-4 Lost 2 of 3 in 2 home series verse the A’s and the Dodgers.

Houston Astros 2020: Scouting, Projected Lineup, Season Prediction

NL East

Braves: 3-2 Swept the Yankees in a doubleheader then lost 2 of 3 at the Phillies.

Marlins: 3-4 Won the last game at the Nationals then won 2 of 3 verse the Mets then got swept by the Rays.

Mets: 3-5 Lost 2 of 3 verse the Marlins then lost 3 of 5 verse the Yankees.

Phillies: 4-1 Won 2 at the Nationals then won 2 of 3 verse the Braves.

Nationals: 1-5 Lost the last game against the Marlins then lost 2 at home verse the Phillies and lost 2 of 3 at the Red Sox.

Predicting the Phillies' 2020 Opening Day Roster – Philadelphia Sports  Nation

NL Central

Cubs: 3-4 Lost 2 of 3 at the Tigers then split a 4 game series at the Reds.

Reds: 4-4 Split a 4 game series at the Brewers then split a 4 game home series verse the Cubs.

Brewers: 4-3 Split a 4 game home series verse the Reds then won 2 of 3 home games verse the Pirates.

Pirates: 3-4 Swept at the White Sox in a 2 game series then swept at doubleheader at the Cardinals and lost 2 of 3 at the Brewers.

Cardinals: 3-5 Won 2 of 3 at home verse the Royals then swept in a doubleheader by the Pirates then lost 2 of 3 against the Indians.

Five Dumb Predictions for the 2020 Cincinnati Reds - Red Reporter

NL West

Diamondbacks: 1-5 Swept by the Rockies at home then lost 2 of 3 at home verse the Giants.

Rockies: 4-2 Swept the D-Backs on the road then lost 2 of 3 home games verse the Padres.

Dodgers: 4-2 Won 2 of 3 at the Giants then won 2 of 3 at the Rangers.

Padres: 3-3 Lost 2 of 3 at home against the Mariners then won 2 of 3 at the Rockies.

Giants: 3-3 Lost 2 of 3 at home verse the Dodgers then won 2 of 3 the D-Backs.

Rockies' 2020 odds in an 80-game MLB season


I saved this for the very end of my article. The reason behind that is because I am a white male. I do not know what black people have to go through each and every day. So my opinion or take on this issue means nothing. But as I said on twitter I will stand with each and everyone who is standing for social justice. If teams want to stop playing I am okay with that. Whatever is needed to change the world for the better.

BLM to counter sheriffs' proposals in Cortland rally – Cortland Standard


There were a lot more trades today then I thought there would be. Also Lucas Giolito throws 2020 first no-hitter. If you want to hear me give my takes on things listen to Legends Lingo!

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