Breaking Down the Red Sox Trade Deadline

The trade deadline has officially come and gone for the 2020 MLB season. It’s great to see that August 31st is almost over. The Boston Red Sox luxury tax penalties will be rest. What does that mean? Plain and simple, they’re going to be able to spend a LOT of money this offseason. With that in mind, let’s look at a few moves that happened, regarding the Red Sox, over the past few days.

Mitch Moreland to the Padres

This is probably the most significant move to happen involving the Red Sox over the past few days. The Boston Red Sox knew they weren’t going to win this season. So they pulled off a great move here by flipping Moreland for two top 20 prospects. Hudson Potts is supposed to be a guy with a lot of pop from the hot corner of third base. Jeisson Rosario is supposed to be a speedy outfielder that can track down fly balls exceptionally well. Plus, you could ideally pull an Aroldis Chapman-Yankees situation and get Moreland back in the offseason if you really want to. While I don’t see that happening, the possibility remains. Regardless, it was a heck of a run for Mitch Moreland in Boston. He’s going to be exciting for the rest of 2020 with the San Diego Padres.

Josh Osich to the Cubs

The Red Sox also traded left handed relief pitcher Josh Osich to the Cubs for a player to be named later. Honestly, this is a huge win for Chaim Bloom. He turned an unsigned free agent into a potential player/prospect that can help the Red Sox in the future. Plus, the Cubs strengthen their bullpen with another lefty reliever. A win-win for both teams here.

Kevin Pillar to the Rockies

That was a fun month for Red Sox fans! Kevin Pillar went to the Rockies with the deadline winding down. The Red Sox will once again be getting a player to be named later. Maybe Nolan Arenado? Kidding! In all seriousness, this is another situation similar to Moreland. A one year veteran who you can flip for a prospect and sign back after the season’s over if need be. Unfortunately, Kevin Pillar wasn’t around long enough for me to be sad he’s leaving. It is what it is.

The Core Stays in Tact

Like Chris Cotillo states above, the Red Sox kept much of their core in place. That’s a great sign. Guys like Bogaerts, Devers, JD, Vazquez, and Benintendi stay in a Red Sox uniform for now. The offseason can still be subject to big trades. But for now, I like where this team is looking for the future.

In Conclusion

Well done by Chaim Bloom. He moved who should’ve been moved. He kept who should still be here. It was good to see he wasn’t desperate about pulling the trigger on a trade unless it was absolutely right to do so. Now the speculation can begin for the offseason. Let’s have some fun predicting and debating!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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