MLB Recap 2/24 – 3/1/20

BASEBALL IS BACK!! That is so good to say. I know that these games do not count towards an actual championship, but they still are very meaningful to many players. Spring might only be for Mike Trout, Francisco Landor, Javy Baez and others to get ready for the season. There are many young players trying to make their mark to MLB teams to get on a roster. Other major story lines are how many times the Astros have been hit by pitches in the first week of spring training games. Giancarlo Stanton and Luis Severino go down to injuries. Lastly, one story about a player I used to play with.

Prospects Heading to Camp

There are many prospects that are making their first impressions at big league camp this time of year. Some of the big-time prospects that are first timers include: Jo Adell (Angles), Alec Bohm (Phillies), and Ian Anderson (Braves).

So far through 5 spring training games Adell is hitting .267 1 double 2 RBIs and 7 strike outs. Those are not crazy stats, but he is getting hits. He has struck out 7 times in only 15 at-bats. Those numbers should not stay that high if he wants to succeed at the next level. Bohm has played in 7 games and is hitting .538 in 13 at-bats with 3 RBIs and no extra base hits. That is a high average even through 13 ABs. The power should start to show itself once he gets used to the pitching at the Major League level.

The last prospect I will highlight is Ian Anderson. He is a righthanded pitcher for the Braves. He has pitched 2.2 innings in 2 games so far this spring, He has posted a 3.38 ERA with 4 strike outs. That ERA is from letting up 1 run so it is higher than it should be. He is going to be one of the top pitchers in the National League once he gets his work in at that level.

Astros’ Batters Getting Hit by Pitches

So, everyone has talked about, written about, and read about the Astros cheating, so I will not go over it again. But so far Astros hitters have been hit 7 times by pitches. From what I have seen most of the pitches that have hit the batters have been off-speed and some of the batters are just prospects and not the players who are accused of cheating. In my opinion this story is getting overblown. I do not think in spring training pitchers are going to hit that many players. They are trying to get their work in and get ready for the season. Once the regular season starts all bets are off and I think Astro hitters will be hit by many pitches.

Yankee Players Going Down to Injuries

Next major story is the Yankees injuries so far this spring. Luis Severino is going to have Tommy John surgery and will miss all of this season and some of next season. Severino only pitched 12.0 innings in 2019 but came back for the playoffs. He was solid when he pitched in the playoffs but not the same pitcher he was at the start of 2018. Giancarlo Stanton also went down with an injury. He has a calf strain and might not be ready for opening day. According to Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone said on Sunday 3/1 “I would say I feel more optimistic today” when talking about the injury. If the Yankees want to win the World Series, they need both Severino and Stanton to be healthy and playing that their top level. Obviously Severino is out for this season, but he will be needed once he is back at full strength again. Stanton has not been the same since coming over to the Yankees. He won the National League MVP award with 59 homeruns in 2017 his last season with the Marlins.

Paul Campbell Gets the Call to Major League Spring Training 

The last story line I will talk about is one a little closer to home. A player that used to play in the same travel baseball program as myself got a non-roster invite to spring training with the Tampa Bay Rays. That player is named Paul Campbell, he was drafted out of Clemson. I just want people to keep an eye out for this kid. It will be pretty cool for me to see a player I used to know in the Major Leagues.

Wrap Up

Those are some of the major story line throughout all of Major League Baseball. Some prospects are looking good so far in the spring. Astros players are getting hit by pitches, but no major story lines there. Stanton and Severino go down to injuries. Lastly Paul Campbell got a non-roster invite to spring training. For more MLB story lines come back next week to see what has happened.

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-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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