MLB Finally Finishes Red Sox Investigation

This afternoon, Major League Baseball finally resolved its ongoing investigation into the Boston Red Sox. The MLB started investigating Boston’s supposed misconduct during their 2018 World Series championship season on January 7 of this year. The investigation began shortly after the MLB concluded their case against the Houston Astros.

Finally. The war is over. The amount of time it took for this investigation to finish up had me ready to rip my teeth out. I feel as if MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had said on multiple occasions that they would be done the Sox probe “next week”. But after months of waiting, the world finally knows the severity of the accusations against Boston.

Now, it is obvious that the Red Sox did something funky with their video system. Their replay operator wouldn’t have been suspended and they wouldn’t have lost a second-round pick if that was the case. Still, compared to what the Houston Astros did, it appears Boston’s use of the replay room was way less egregious (and involved zero trash cans).

Honestly, I am not shocked that the MLB came to this conclusion. It goes along with everything that both current, and former Red Sox players were saying regarding the investigation. It could be naive to believe what any player says after seeing what became of the Astros, but Boston’s players seemed repeatedly adamant they did nothing wrong.

But like I said, they still did SOMETHING to receive their penalty. And since it appears they didn’t do much, it gives validity to their 2018 title. That’s especially true considering they went up against the cheaters down in Texas during the 2018 playoffs. So at the end of the day, this looks like a win for Boston: and possibly Alex Cora.

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– Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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