Mike Mitchell is Already Talking About Playing the Patriots

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell already talking about a potential matchup with the Patriots in the AFC Championship is hilarious. Before the Steelers can get to the AFC Championship, they have to get through the Jacksonville Jaguars.

A few years ago, it would have been reasonable to assume you would beat the Jags in the playoffs. But now? Not so much. Mitchell must have forgotten what happened when they played Jacksonville Week 5:

They got absolutely dominated by the best defense in the NFL, at home. I have no problem with being confident in your team, but I’m also not so sure I would go about it like this.

The way it seems, he’s completely writing off this matchup against the Jags. Why would you want to light a fire under the most terrifying defense in the NFL, especially when they already kicked your ass? The last thing I would want to see if I’m Big Ben is Jalen Ramsey, opposite of AB, with an edge like that. He’s probably going to lock him up all day long.

I also feel like people are forgetting how out-of-sync Pittsburgh was at the beginning of the season. Le’Veon Bell missing training camp had a lot to do with the offense playing poorly, but the defense was borderline horrendous as well. They started the year off 3-2 and people were already writing them off. They’ve strung together a 10-1 record since then, but I still feel like that team could choke, especially in this game.

If Pittsburgh doesn’t back up Mike Mitchell’s words, the only place he’ll be able to play the Patriots next weekend is on Madden.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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