How to Bet On the NFL Games This Weekend

Alright ladies and gents now that college football is over Quags has given me permission to write about whatever I choose. So 9 times out of 10 whatever I write about will have something to do with Johnny Football because he is the GOAT and everyone should take notes on how to be more like him. So with that in mind, this week I decided to give you guys some guidance on how to bet on the NFL playoff games this weekend. Now if you decide to take my advice I would hope to get some sort of commission or tip and if you don’t do that then stop reading my articles and go home. I only like winners here! We play to win the game!

Atlanta Falcons (-3) @ Philadelphia Eagles (+3) Over/Under 41.5 NBC Saturday 1/13 4:35pm

Now looking at this game. It is a very tricky game to bet on. When I was originally looking at this game I was really eye balling the over/under. I did my research and decided to stay away from that. Atlanta’s offense has been nowhere all season and the Eagles offense just isn’t the same without Carson Wentz. With that said here is how I would bet on this game. Take the Falcons -3. That is a very easy spread to take. I think Vegas forgot that the Eagles don’t have Caron Wentz. Atlanta came out last week and really impressed me on defense. I think that this game could be close but ultimately it will come down to Matt Ryan vs Nick Foles. So once again my pick for this game is Atlanta -3

Tennessee Titans (+14) @ New England Patriots (-14) Over/Under 47.5 CBS Saturday 1/13 8:15pm

Being a Patriots fan, I never bet on them because I am already invested so much into the game itself. So for me this is a very hard game to look at from a gambling point a view because I believe the Pats will always win and always win by 10 touchdowns. So I am going to do my best to give you my non biased opinion on this game. Let the record show that the Titans don’t usually score a lot of points. On the year they averaged 20.9 points per game. The Pats on the other hand had the 2nd best offense in the league averaging 28.6 points per game. So the averages would say to take the over. BUT lets take a deeper look at this game as whole. What are the Titans best at on offense? The rushing attack. Hypothetically speaking if they can run the ball that means that clock will be ticking which means Brady will have less time on offense which means less points. And the Pats have not been very good at stopping the run this year. So from an analytical non biased review of this game I think you have to take under 47.5. 

Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-7.5) Over/Under 41 CBS Sunday 1/14 1:05pm

This game I think is the easiest game to bet on this weekend. Now I understand that the Jaguars did beat the Steelers in week 5 of the season but since then the Steelers only lost to the Pats on a questionable catch call and then a tipped interception. Basically what I’m saying is that Pittsburgh really put it all together after that loss to the Jags. Now last week the Jaguars scraped out a win against the Buffalo Bills. I mean that game was just a flat out embarrassment to the NFL with the final score being 10-3. In their last 2 games the Jags have scored a combined 20 points. And if you look at when the Jags beat the Steelers you will see that they had 2 interceptions returned for a touchdown. That won’t happen again. Here is what you need to bet on for this game. Take the over 41. I think that the Steelers will put on a show offensively. Big Ben will not throw 5 interceptions in this game. If you’re feeling really risky you could take the Steelers -7.5 too but I think the lock on this one is over 41.

New Orleans Saints (+4) @ Minnesota Vikings (-4) Over/Under 46 FOX Sunday 1/14 4:40pm

This is the hardest game to bet on this weekend. The first thing I’ll say is ignore the previous matchup between these 2 teams. It was week 1 when Adrian Peterson was still a Saint and Case Keenum was not the starting QB for the Vikings. The Vikings have a great defense and the Saints have a great offense. My gut is telling me to pick the Saints to win this one just because the Saints have the better QB and coach but you don’t go on your gut for betting. You go with the stats and analytics. The fact of the matter is that the Vikings have a great defense. So here is my advice on this game. If you absolutely HAVE to bet on this game then take the Vikings on the moneyline. Their defense is legit and they will be ready to go on their home turf. I would personally stay away from this game though.

Have fun out there this weekend kids. Go out and make some money! And remember any money you win with my advice better come back my way.

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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