Max Scherzer Cursing Behind His Glove Before A Pitch Is WILD

Max Scherzer has just solidified his spot as one of the scariest men to face in the game of baseball today with this video. My. God. Mubling f bombs and calling this guy a bitch on the mound before he fires one in is an A+ psycho move that I can’t get enough. Belittling this guy silently before he strikes him out. Absolute lunatic move and I need more of it.

I tweeted last week that we need more Bryce Harper in baseball because of his attitude and general A-Holeness… but I also need more Scherzer too.

Crazy athletes is what makes sports great and I feel like we just don’t have as much of that as we used to.

Keep doing you Scherzer. Imagine if Scherzer and Chris Sale both win the Cy this season? Two absolute nut cases headlining as the best arms in the game. Phenomenal.

Written By: Nick Quags (@NickQuag)

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