Masked Kyrie Is Back For the Celtics

Who is ready for Kyrie to feast on the Nets tonight? Everyone reading this should be excited for the return of Kyrie,  after suffering a facial fracture just last week. The best thing is, Irving will be wearing the face mask tonight. This has been stirring up a lot of excitement on social media, with some people even calling masked Irving his “alter ego”.

 In Irving’s second season with the Cavaliers, he broke a bone in his jaw and was forced to wear a mask. His first game wearing the mask, Irving went off for 40 points against the Knicks. Can this happen again tonight? Well the Nets are pretty terrible and the Celtics should have been expected to win tonight’s game even without Irving on the floor. Irving will have the talented second year point guard D’Angelo Russell guarding him, but Russell is not known for his defensive pressure. I expect Irving to come out guns blazing tonight after being out for the last few games. I would not even be surprised if this dude drops 50 points tonight. He is fully capable of pulling off a super hero type game tonight. 

The C’s are also on the verge of winning 13 games in a row, and are looking forward to a showdown with the Warriors Thursday night. This may be the most entertaining game all season and will really tell us a lot about this gritty Celtics team.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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