Marlins Reportedly Warn Giancarlo Stanton To Accept Trade Or He May Be In An Even Worse Spot

According to a story written by Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald, the Miami Marlins may have more leverage in the Giancarlo Stanton trade saga than most of us had anticipated.

According to Spencer, the Marlins have warned Stanton that if he were to invoke his no trade clause, which is in his right to do so, that “…he would remain a Marlin and team officials would look to trade off other top players to reduce payroll.”

This would mean that if his less desired teams, like St. Louis, San Francisco and Boston, were to make an offer that Miami approved of, then it may be in Stanton’s best interest to accept the deal if he doesn’t want to be apart of a wistful, painful rebuild.

Well hot damn, we may have something big here. When I first read the headline I did not expect this. Frankly, I was under the impression that Stanton had all of the power in the situation. But this report makes total sense considering that the Marlins are looking to begin a serious rebuild and Stanton wants no part of that.

Stanton has already been vocal about his desire to exit South Beach and if the remainder of talented players on the roster are shipped out in order to clear the budget and shed some payroll, than Stanton is going to be in a worse spot than before.

And what’s this mean for Red Sox fans? I think this means that the Red Sox chances at landing the right handed bomber increased by a million.

The one mutual interest between Stanton and the Marlins is that a breakup between the two entities just makes sense. It’s like the hot, nice girl in high school breaking up with the handsome, over testosterone filled football guy. After all of the fighting and him cheating on her, it just makes sense to end it.

Stanton is due to make $25 Million next season and $295 Million on the remainder of this contract. The Marlins in knowing that they are about to enter a system reboot, and Stanton wanting to actually taste the playoffs for once, the team trading the National League MVP couldn’t be a more discernible solution.

And remember, this is only new knowledge to the public at this moment. Stanton has known about this warning since October meaning that he has had some time to think about maybe being more open minded.

And going back to what this means for Red Sox fans, this has to make Boston a brighter option. According to reports before, one of the main factors pushing Stanton away from New England was the cold weather. Which, okay, I get it. The beginning of the baseball season up here is miserable and for a guy who is from LA and has played his whole career in Miami, the cold’s got to sound gruesome.

From a business perspective, what a power-move by Miami in warning Stanton about this. They aren’t dummies. And if this was a Jeter move, this was a strictly a, “I know guys who have been in your spot, and they hated their lives” kind of a statement.

They laid it all out on the table for the guy. Other than a major rebuild taking slightly longer because they would have that load of a contract on their hands, keeping Stanton wouldn’t be a 100% negative for the franchise. Whether or not the two want to be together, he sells merch and that’s not up for argument. He pushes jerseys off of the shelves and into your homes. The guy is one of the biggest names in the game and it’s been clear this offseason with all of the commotion.

And to play off of the marketing aspect of things, he is being sought after not only because of his playing ability, but my God is he a name that is going to boost the interest of any of these markets he lands in.

To reiterate why his advisers reportedly want him to come to Boston, he would be huge here marketing wise. His jersey would easily reach the top of the charts in regards to sales and he would quickly become one of the new faces of baseball being in such a large market. Plus, another point that was made was that marketing Stanton vs Judge for 19 games a year would be a fantasy come true.

What a play by Miami to throw this into Stanton’s mind. Do you want to play for another team who stands a chance? Or do you want to be our center piece during this long and painful rebuild that you are holding us back on? This solidifies it to me. Stanton will be changing hands, the question now is to who?

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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