Marcus Smart Showed Off His Playoff Mindset Playing Dodgeball Against Some Kids


The playoffs are imminent for the Celtics and all the talk of the team flipping the switch better come true soon. Marcus Smart took it upon himself, once again, to show that he is the unquestioned tough guy of the team.

In true leadership fashion, Smart showed off the playoff mentality the Celtics will need to have. So what was he in the gym late shooting extra threes and free throws? I can’t confirm that but I know he is willing to win at all costs.






Dude’s out here taking no prisoners. I love it!

There’s no questioning that Marcus Smart’s got the dog in him needed to win a few series. Unfortunately for these kids, they had to find out once you activate playoff mode in Boston, it means something. Take notes, Lebron.

It wasn’t just enough to crush these kids the old school playground way. No, he had to go on twitter and tell everyone that he did. AND, he also had to go back and watch the film, because that’s how you get better.



Hell ya! Absolutely ruthless. Killer mentality. That’s what you need to be the beast of the east.

So on behalf of Marcus Smart, I’d like to tell the rest of the Eastern Conference….

-Dillon Leary

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