Marcus Mariota has interest from the New England Patriots

This off-season is an off-season the Patriots are not familiar with as they currently do not have their next years starting quarterback set in stone. Rumors keep swirling around the league that Quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots have yet to communicate about their plans together. Then, there are rumors that the Patriots are all in on Brady for the 2020 season. Either way, the Patriots find themselves in a position that may need to look into another option if Brady decides to take his talents to another team.

Once upon a time, Marcus Mariota was once the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titians. However, with a 1-4 start last season, Head Coach Mike Vrabel decided to make a change and make Ryan Tannehill the starter. Mariota will become a free agent and the expectation is that both sides are going to move on from one another.

The Patriots have shown interest in Marcus Mariota, and it could be a good match for the two. Mariota would be able to work with Josh McDaniels, who is one of the best offensive coordinators in the league. McDaniels would have the chance to show what he can do with a mobile quarterback and this is a chance for Mariota to turn his career around.

Mariota has always been a quarterback, to me, who seemed timid. He doesn’t seem like he has the guts to take a game over and get his team a big win. He is not consistent, and it has cost him his job.

A benefit for Mariota is that he does have playoff experience, and the Patriots expect to be there despite if the Patriots were to lose Brady. Mariota would have good coaching around him and I believe it could make him more of a confident quarterback. The priority for the team should see if Brady is willing to come back or not. If he were to leave New England, Mariota could be the best option for the Patriots going forward.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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