Manchester City Are Your Premier League 2021 Champions!

With less than two weeks left in the 2020/2021 season of the English Premier League, we have a crowned champion!

First of all, unbelievable to think that the season is ending in two weeks! A season that at first was almost compromised because of a pandemic out of control, now comes to an end. Secondly, when the season started there were so many teams in question and one of them have silenced that rhetoric quickly!

So without further a do, allow me to present to you, your 2021 Champions!!!!

English Premier League Champions!

Manchester City

Manchester City, 2020-2021 PL Champions! (@ManCityUS) | Twitter

Congratulations to Manchester City and their 2021 title run!

Yesterday’s victory by Leicester City to Manchester United, secured the title for Manchester City.

What an incredible year this has been for the Manchester squad! A trying year full of of nothing but successful football and talent growth at the hands of Pep Guardiola and company. While the beginning of the season was a rocky one for the City side, things turn successful quickly.

Pep Guardiola walked into this season with a determined mindset for success. The drive and hunger for victory in this years’ City team just oozed out almost immediately. For starters, Kevin DeBruyne continues to be the main piece of the already deadly attack City offers to any team facing them. DeBruyne had another remarkable season despite challenges presented in 2020. Kevin appeared in 24 games, 2 of them where he was a sub and scored 5 goals bringing his premier league record thus far to a total of 179 appearances, 41 goals and 77 assists.

In addition to DeBruyne’s contribution, the cast of Ilkay Gundogan and Raheem Sterling truly deepen this attack to new levels. Perhaps, allowing Manchester City to grow a sustainable lead over 2nd place Manchester United and securing the title 2 weeks in advance.

So what’s next for Manchester City…

Manchester City Upcoming Glory?

Manchester City fans: Rest assure that your glory days are not over yet in the 2020/2021 season.

The glory days for Manchester City would begin on April 25th this year. An EFL Cup Final against Tottenham, would start the kingdom days for City this year. If the Mourinho vs. Guardiola rivalry wasn’t enough, well Manchester City managed to slap the whiskers off Mourinho’s smirk as he was let go from Tottenham days before this championship game. Nevertheless, City comes in and takes away a title that they don’t really need but would be a good way to start the championship marathon for them.

Two weeks later, Manchester City is now crowned English Premier League Champions! So what is next in line for City?

In 3 weeks, Manchester City may have an opportunity to crown themselves UEFA Champions League Champions as well. However, this one is a very tall task ahead for City if I may say so myself.

While Manchester city possess many great talents including the up and coming Phil Foden, there is no reason to downplay Chelsea. The North London side has another club at the verge of excellence, just with an unfortunate timeline of a great coach joining mid-season in Thomas Tuchel. However, should Manchester City manage a victory over Chelsea, the sky is just the limit for this team.

Closing Remarks…

As I have said so far, this is an incredible campaign for Manchester City. However, one thing I have failed to bring up is how amazing of a run this would be for a club legend. Any guesses on who that may be?

Well, If you have yet to figure it out, allow me to help you…

On March 29th, the Manchester City fans were heartbroken by news that Kun Aguero would be leaving the club as this campaign year ends.

The amazing thing to take here though, is that Kun Aguero had mentioned in an interview that he would leave but not until City wins a Champions League title. Imagine, 2021 comes right around the corner and here is the opportunity to close this chapter with the title? For Sergio, it would be a telling story of his allegiance to this team and drive for glory. For Pep, it would be another moment of greatness with a legend of the game.

The bigger part though, is for the fans! For the fans, this is exactly the type of dream-ending they would want for a guy who re-ignited a passion into City fans like no other by paving the way back in the 2012-2013 campaign when he did his thing against QPR. Here’s that reminder as I end things here.

Congratulations Manchester City!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter).

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