Is it Time for the Red Sox to Call Up Jarren Duran?

The Boston Red Sox have a few decisions that they need to make for their immediate future. Right now, they’re 22-15 and tied for the best record in the American League. But, they still have a few needs. One of those needs could be a true center fielder. So this bares the question that we can ask right now. Might it be time to bring up outfielder Jarren Duran? Let’s investigate into the benefits of bringing Duran up sooner rather than later.

Better Option Than Franchy Cordero?

Red Sox fans including myself are missing Andrew Benintendi a little bit more now these days. Franchy Cordero is simply not cutting it here in Boston so far. Cordero is hitting .156 with 32 strikeouts in 77 at bats on the season. Let’s think about this for a second. Cordero is striking out nearly half the time at the plate. Jarren Duran right now? Let the stats speak for themselves.

A .286 average with three homeruns in seven games? Yeah, give me that guy! Granted, Duran’s strikeout numbers aren’t too much better. But let’s think about this. An average of .286 on the season against an average of .156 on the season. Which would you rather have? Exactly my point!

A Potential Leadoff Guy?

The Red Sox don’t have that true leadoff hitter. Kike Hernandez is currently on the IL, although he should be back very soon. Marwin Gonzalez? No thanks! Duran could step in because he’s a fast guy that can hit for power as well. If Duran could cut down the strikeout numbers at the big league level and fit into that leadoff spot, think about this 1-6. Duran, Verdugo, J.D., Bogaerts, Devers, and Vazquez? That’s a very solid 1-6! It could happen and hopefully it would happen sooner rather than later.

In Conclusion

Do I think Jarren Duran is ready to get the call up personally? Yes. Do I realistically think he’ll get called up soon? No. The Red Sox will bring him along slowly and make sure he has a lot of at-bats in Worcester before he’s ready to make the jump to Boston. But I will say this. Once Duran gets here, watch out. Why? Simply put, this kid is (hopefully!) going to be a stud outfielder in Boston for years to come.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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