Malcolm Jenkins Flipped Former Coach Sean Payton the Bird Yesterday Mid-Game

Watching the Eagles get absolutely pantsed by the New Orleans Saints yesterday was awesome for everyone except for the Eagles and their fanbase. Malcolm Jenkins was also someone who wasn’t too pumped up about the Saints basically running up the score.


I’m glad that Twitter didn’t overreact to this story because this is some A+ red meat for the angry, pompous side of Twitter who wants to get fake mad at something like this. “But what about the children!”. Cool it, nerd.

Listen, we’ve all been there. We’ve wanted to give someone the finger in a professional setting and we obviously can’t because, well, there would be some repercussions. Maybe when you see a former boss you just get that urge to air it out. Let them know how you feel. And that’s what Malcolm Jenkins did.

Obviously, this is a little different considering that Jenkins addressed the incident postgame and said that he and Sean Payton still have love for each other.  They talked it out and they’re all good. Even Sean Payton seemed like he didn’t care.


Payton literally said that letting Malcolm Jenkins walk out that door was the biggest mistake of his 13 years in New Orleans.

And look, the score says it all. The Saints WHOOPED the Eagles who needed to grab a win in that game if they wanted to be seen as relevant for the remainder of the season. They never stood a chance and everyone knew it. That seven-point spread… Yikes. That was the easiest money I’ve ever won in my life.

The moral here is that sometimes you just need to flip someone off, even if you love them. Pretty sure that was a line in The Lion King before Simba’s dad died.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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