Madden 18: G.O.A.T. Edition

You heard that right.  Instead of a Hall of Fame or Special Edition Madden, this year EA Sports will be releasing a GOAT Edition for Madden 18.  I’m sure we can all guess who will don the cover of this game.  TFB.  Tom Freakin’ Brady.  Brady has not been on the cover of any video games since Gameday 2003, a series that ceased to exist in 2005.  He has seemingly shied away from being on the cover of Madden over the years, not being chosen for the voting tournaments for the cover.  This might have been his way of avoiding the “Madden Curse.” This curse has plagued almost every player who has been on the cover of madden since they started putting a player on it in 2001.  It usually causes a player to either get seriously injured, or have a very off year.  Some have broken it in recent memory, but the curse lived on to Gronk last season. who couldn’t beat the injury bug.

This will most likely just be a special edition of the game, and somebody else may be on the cover of the regular edition of the Madden 18.  Tom himself says he does not believe in the curse.  He also said that “It doesn’t stand a chance!”  This is very reassuring to Patriots fans for him being on this cover.  This also marks the first time ever that players of the same team will be on back to back Madden covers.  It is a little unnerving, knowing the powers this curse has had in years past, but if Brees and Megatron can beat it, Brady sure can too.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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