Luke Walton Takes Some Hot Shots At LaVar Ball

This is the kind of reaction that clown LaVar Ball needs. I was a big LaVar Ball guy, but come on now. Little League coaches hear crap from parents enough as is.

You’ve got Johnny Balls in the bleachers screaming at you because his son who STINKS at baseball isn’t on the field. Sorry buddy. Your 12 year old can’t stay in front of a ground ball. You absolutely want to go Johnny Bananas on the guy, but you can’t. You’re a volunteer.

And no way would you want this kind of stuff if you’re a paid, professional coach. Absolutely not. Look, the guy already has to live with the reality that his team drafted Lonzo only because LaVar basically forced the issue on them, and now he has to listen to LaVar during Lonzo’s entire stint in southern California. It’s a joke.

This was a beautiful response. Walton taking his jabs with some hot shots, but then cooling it down a bit with a little, “Just kidding” accompanied by a smirk. Nothing vicious, just letting LaVar know, “Hey you joke, I hear you, but I know what I’m doing”.

I was a big LaVar guy, but his act’s getting old. I thought he was funny, but I’m sick of him. Go back to just being an obnoxious guy in the stands and just stay out of the media.

And FYI, I saw a headline today that said “Big Baller Brand” got rated an “F” by Better Business Bureau. Laugh out loud funny.

LaVar alone makes me appreciate the fact that Danny Ainge drafted Jayson Tatum so much more. Kid’s a stud with a parent who let’s Brad Stevens do his thing. Huh… Like an adult.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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