Bill Belichick Intends on Being the Patriots Head Coach Next Season

Following the ESPN hit piece on the Patriots released last Friday, numerous reports began to surface about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick potentially being interested in the vacancy for the New York Giants head coaching job. Well, today, Billy B shot down those rumors:

Anyone who actually believed this report must be insane. Why would a 65-year-old Bill Belichick, who is probably going to retire in the next 5 seasons, leave a place where he’s had so much success? He has it made for himself here in New England. The Patriots have had this sustained run of success because of the system that he put in place, which he worked on for YEARS. You really think he’d throw all of that away over some “claim” that a wackjob at ESPN is making? Give me a break.

New York is also about to start a rebuild for crying out loud. There’s no way Belichick wants to spend his last years in the NFL rebuilding a franchise with a ton of question marks. It just would be a waste of his time. I get Belichick has a history with the Giants but at this point in his career that just doesn’t make any sense.

A lot of the speculation in last weeks article has obviously been shot down by everyone involved, but Belichick especially seems to be denying all of its claims head-on. We aren’t getting the half-assed answers that we have come to know for so long during his time here:

Seeing Belichick actually speak on the topic instead of shoving it to the side is interesting to me. Normally he’d say something along the lines of “we’re just worried about preparing for the Titans,” but his approach here is different. He’s actually answering the questions and defending himself against that bull shit article, which I am 100% here for.

I will continue to stand by my feeling that this article was simply created to try and throw the Patriots off. And yet again, ESPN is going to look like a bunch of morons when Tom Brady is hoisting the Lombardi Trophy for a 6th time on February 4th.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)


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