Love Hurts for the Packers and Eagles

Being a first round NFL draft pick is probably a feeling like no other. But how successful will the top quarterback picks in the 2020 Draft be when it comes to their careers? Joe Burrow is going to an organization that has been at the bottom of the league for almost a handful of years now. Tua has the pressure on his shoulders of turning around a franchise in Miami. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable as a rookie going into an atmosphere that already has been winning for years? Then your only job is to learn the system? As cool as it is to be Burrow, Tagovailoa, and Herbert… I do believe Jalen Hurts and Jordan Love will have it much easier when it comes to their early years in the NFL.

Built to Win

Hurts will be playing in specific packages as a rookie in Philadelphia. What if Aaron Rodgers limps off the field week two after rolling an ankle? I believe given the chances of Wentz and Rodgers going down, these two young quarterbacks can take the opportunity and run with it. Both of these young athletes are going into organizations that can win now. Which is why I believe Love and Hurts will have more early success than the higher draft picks. But, Love and Hurts also face the risk of never starting a game in 2020. The Packers and Eagles both advanced to the postseason last year. That’s still entirely possible if either star QB goes down. The young guns can run the offense and sneak into the postseason. The biggest risk is that neither of these quarterbacks are guaranteed anything due to both Franchises having cemented leaders in Rodgers and Wentz. However, we all know how Tom Brady got the job from Drew Bledsoe. Tony Romo and Dak had their drama in Dallas too.

Burrow, Tua, and Herbert

A team needs much more than a talented quarterback to be successful. The reasons why these organizations got to select from the top of the Draft is due to their lack of success in the prior season. Joe Burrow is going to Cincinnati where it will take a minimum of three seasons for this team to break .500, especially with the Ravens and Browns controlling that division. Miami will have an easier challenge now that Tom Brady has left the AFC East. But, the Buffalo Bills are no easy task when it comes to Miami having any luck at a postseason run in 2020. The Chargers? Well they have to deal with Patrick Mahomes for as long as he is in a Chiefs uniform. The Denver Broncos seems to be trending upwards after finding a true quarterback in Drew Lock to go along with their stout defense. So best of luck to Justin Herbert.

If Jalen Hurts or Jordan Love have to step in at any point in 2020, expect them to be successful. I am not here to say Love and Hurts are more talented than Tua and Burrow. But, the two later picks are going to be in a much better position to prove themselves. Both the Eagles and Packers fan bases were showing frustration at the teams drafting quarterbacks so high. However, tragedy could strike either of these franchises. Then, they’ll be forced to lean on the rookie QBs and they may swallow that initial taste of discomfort. The Packers and Eagles are now set up to win for the next decade with the selection of Jordan Love and Jalen Hurts in the 2020 Draft.

-Fred O’Brien (@FOBCGSports)



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