Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 81: World Series Champs & Brady vs Rodgers

You hear that? Do you hear the sounds of the Dropkick Murphys playing through the streets of Boston? Because the Boston Red Sox are YOUR 2018 World Series Champions.

Jared and Nick are back for episode 81, with producer Patty P, to talk a ton of Sox through their insane, dominant postseason run. Should Steve Pearce have been the World Series MVP? I mean, the guy had an insane series, but what about David Price? We had to deal with an 18-inning marathon of a baseball game and Manny Machado is still a scumbag. We don’t deserve Nathan Eovaldi after what he did. And you know that bullpen that we all complained about through the entire season? It stepped up HUGE and became absolute NAILS.

Plus, Price opted back into his deal. Is that a good or bad thing? We have a ton of offseason chores to talk about. Craig Kimbrel, Nathan Eovaldi, Joe Kelly, and World Series MVP Steve Pearce are all free agents. Which ones do you bring back? And if you could only bring back one, which would it be?

Nick’s also pissed that people are throwing full cans of beer at the parade Duckboats.

And man, we have ourselves one HELL of a football game Sunday. Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers. The New England Patriots vs the Green Bay Packers. But the question is, would you rather have Tom Brady as your QB or Aaron Rodgers right now to lead your team?

That and so much more on episode 81 of the Loose Change Podcast.

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