Couch Guy Sports Podcast ep. 45 With Julie Stewart-Binks of Barstool Sports & ESPN

Super Bowl week is here, baby and God damn are we excited for it.

The show kicks off with a guest we were wicked excited to get, Julie Stewart-Binks of Barstool Sports & ESPN. We talked everything from Barstool to the Super Bowl with her in one of my favorite interviews we’ve had.

After that we hit the hot topic of the week, Alex Reimer vs Tom Brady. We talk the WEEI radio hosts “pissant” comment toward Brady’s kid, what we think will happen to him job wise plus our overall opinions on it.

Afterwards we talk a little “Tom vs Time” and slide into the best of Lauren’s DMs on the week. I’ll say… Best segment of Lauren’s DMs we’ve had.

And we finish it off with a Super Bowl preview and predict the outcome. The vote was 2 to 1…

Make sure to catch Julie on Barstool Radio’s “Barstool Breakfast” from 7AM-9AM on Sirius XM channel 85 and follow her on Twitter @JSB_TV.

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AND if you want to watch the livestream of the show’s recording last night follow this link to our new YouTube page.

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