Dogs vs Dynasty: Super Bowl Storylines Part 2

The week leading to the Super Bowl always drags out, especially when the team you root for is in the Super Bowl. Thankfully we are officially 3 days away from Super Bowl 52 and every NFL fan’s anticipation levels are at an all-time high. My last article was all about how these two teams got to the Super Bowl. Now I would like to talk about the actual game and the different storylines surrounding it.

The biggest storyline is Nick Foles. Nick Foles was a backup all year to Carson Wentz, until Wentz tore his ACL. If I’m being honest here I am very happy as a Pats fan that we are facing Nick Foles as opposed to Carson Wentz. Wentz was destroying every defense he faced and I don’t think anybody was going to stop him. He was playing so well that there is no doubt in my mind that if he was healthy he would have won MVP and if you think otherwise #YouSilly. Wentz ended the season with 33 TDs which was second in the league, and a league leading Total QBR at 75.7. He was able to achieve all that and he played 3 less games than all the other QBs. Nick Foles is a backup QB, and we’ve seen him play extremely well like he did in the NFC game and we’ve seen him play horrible like he did in 2014 with the Eagles. Foles is extremely inconsistent, but I believe he’ll have a good game. The Eagles offense has a lot of weapons in Blount, Ajayi, Ertz, Jeffrey, and even the ghost of Torrey Smith has played pretty well.

Another storyline is Tom Brady and his throwing hand. He has said in interviews that the hand is not where he would like it to be. People are wondering if he will be fine by the time the Super Bowl starts, and I believe he’ll be fine. He had stiches in his hand and was able to make a comeback against a much better defense in the Jags. The Eagles defense does know the recipe to bother Tom Brady though, rush 4 drop back 7 in coverage. This Eagles defense will be tough, but they aren’t as talented as the Jags defense, which leads me to think the Pats will be able to get their offense rolling earlier and easier.

This will without a doubt be a tough game, Nick Foles is trying to pull a Tom Brady, on Tom Brady himself. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Brady was a backup QB thrust into the starting role because of an injury to the starting QB at the time. It’s funny to see the comparison but I don’t think the Eagles will pull it off. Being a Pats fan I might have a little bias here but I believe the Patriots will pull off the win 31-24. Belichick has this team prepared for just about everything, and Tom Brady will be Tom Terrific once again.

Written By: John O’Connell

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