Lock, Fade And Stay Away (8/29/20)

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Over 225.5 (Orlando Magic vs Milwaukee Bucks)

The Orlando Magic in this series has gone from winning game one comfortably, to getting blown out by the Bucks for three straight games. The Bucks offense has been good as of late, while the Magic dig themselves into a hole, and then climb out of it sort of. The spread was way too much for me to handle today, so now I focus on how many points will both teams score together. The Bucks will get into the 120’s today, and Orlando will crack the low 100’s. With my math that is telling you to lock in the over in this one. Over’s have hit in three out of the four games so far in this series as well.


New York Islanders -120 

The New York Islanders struggled early in game two, then came all the way back to lose in overtime to the Flyers. I think the Islanders are going to come out today, and play a nice physical game. Don’t think this one is going to be high scoring at all. I expect a 2-1, 2-0 type of game to be played for game number three. I think the Islanders have the advantage right now still, and I am riding with them until I see otherwises. Lock in the Islanders on the moneyline tonight.



St. Louis Cardinals -133

After yesterday’s 12-4 loss to the Indians, the Cardinals are looking to bounce back to even up the series tonight. St. Louis is sending out their ace in Jack Flaherty. While the Indians are sending out Carlos Carrasco. I think Cleveland’s lineup is better than the Cardinals overall. St. Louis is 3-0 straight up in Flaherty’s three starts this season, but I think the Tribe’s offense which was lethal yesterday will give us more of the same today. Fade the Cardinals in this matchup.


Stay Away: 

Portland Trailblazers +13

Now I see where everybody is looking at this line and saying “why should I stay away from this?” I’ll tell you exactly why in two short reasons. The first reason is because the Los Angeles Lakers are a win away from moving onto the next round. The second reason is Damian Lillard is out which hurts the Trailblazers tremendously. LeBron and company are going to show a repeat of game four, get out ahead early and this game will be over by the third quarter. Stay far far away from Portland +13 because it will not end well for you if you take that.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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