Liverpool Proves to be Premier League’s Elite

Liverpool and Manchester City are playing incredible soccer at the moment. Liverpool sits at the top of the table with a perfect 24 points through eight games. They’ve had big results over Arsenal, Leicester City, and Chelsea. Liverpool’s goal differential is +14.

This is the second most in the league only behind Manchester City and their powerful offense. Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah, and Roberto Firmino are lethal up top. Mane, Salah, and Firmino are the best front three in the English Premier League.

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These three are always a threat towards goal. Sadio Mane is tied for 6th in the Premier League in goals with premier league. Sadio Mane is one the premier league’s best when it comes to scoring goals. Last year, Sadio Mane scored 22 Premier League goals.

Mane was tied for first with his fellow teammate Salah, who also scored 22 goals in the league. There is no question this trio of forwards is the best in all of England. Mohammed Salah is the best forward in the English Premier League. Known as the “Egyptian Messi”, Salah can beat Premier League defenders in a plethora of ways. And Roberto Firmino is each tied for fourth in the league with 3 assists.

On top of their offense, Virgil van Dijk leads the premier league with 590 passes. The Liverpool side is keeping possession of the ball well. Along with Virgil van Dijk in the back, there is Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson, and Dejan Lovren. Not only is this defense the best in England, but I believe to be the best in all of Europe. All four defenders are able to keep the ball especially well, and all are able to attack.

Andy Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are both dangerous when they make runs up the flank. Nobody enjoys dealing with Virgil van Dijk on set pieces when the 6’6 Dutchman goes up for headers. Lovren and van Dijk both do a terrific job of keeping the ball out of the net. Behind Lovren and van Dijk is Alisson Becker. Becker is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. On average Liverpool gives up .75 goals/game while scoring 2.5 goals/game. Liverpool midfield is made up of experienced, hardworking players.

Playing in the number six role in the midfield is Jordan Henderson. Henderson is one of two captains, along with center back Virgil van Dijk. Henderson is one of the hardest workers in the Premier League and is phenomenal at keeping the ball in possession. He’s also able to make the through balls to Mohammed Salah, Firmino, or Mane. When the ball is up top, that is where the magic happens.

But, it is essential for Liverpool to build up in their attack, keeping possession of the ball. Along with Jordan Henderson in the midfield, there is Georginio Wijnaldum. Wijnaldum is a dutch center midfielder who is an absolute workhorse for Liverpool in the center of the park. He is able to win 50/50 balls more than anybody on the team, and when he wins them, he collects.

The Dutch midfielder has proven to be a clutch player. You can look back to his two goals over Barcelona last year. Wijnaldum will help this Liverpool side win the Premier League. The last link in the Liverpool starting eleven is Naby Keita. Keita is a Guinean central midfield who is relatable to a Kante from Chelsea. Keita is a fast, paced player with loads of confidence. He is versatile with his scoring and his outstanding midfield play.

Jurgen Klopp has to feel content with the way his Liverpool side is playing at the moment. Liverpool is playing with heart, scoring goals, keeping possession, and keeping the ball out of their net. Through eight games, Liverpool has an eight-point lead over Manchester City, coming off of a huge win over Leicester City. James Milner 90th-minute penalty propelled the Liverpool side to a big win at Anfield. Liverpool plays in another big match against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday morning. As a Manchester United supporter myself, I do see Liverpool coming on top in this one. Liverpool is in incredible form at the moment.

You cannot say the same for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United side. Manchester United is in terrible form at the moment and only has 9 points through eight games. Liverpool is definitely the favorite going into this rivalry matchup. Although Manchester United is desperate for a win, I see Liverpool coming out on top 2-1 over Manchester United at Old Trafford.

-Griffin Price

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