Liddell vs Ortiz Trilogy Taking Place In Bellator and It’s A Terrible Idea

It’s one of the oldest rivalries in MMA history Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. The two left their mark on MMA history with two fights and a very memorable season of the ultimate fighter. Unfortunately MMA fans never got to see fight number three because Tito Ortiz had to get surgery. The last time Tito and Chuck fought was all the way back in 2006. In that fight Chuck got the better of Tito and won via TKO in round 3. As time went on Chuck Liddell’s career went on a decline he won only one of his next six fights. Losing 4 of those fights by KO or TKO. Chuck finally hung the gloves up, his chin couldn’t take the damage any more. All hope for the Ortiz vs Liddell trilogy was out the window, and rightfully so.

That was until Bellator president Scott Coker got the bright idea to have the trilogy take place in 2018. Tito Ortiz is 43 and Chuck Liddell is 48, and they’ll be standing toe to toe in the octagon in the near future. This fight is obviously going to bring in a lot of revenue for Bellator. MMA fans have always wanted to see these two fight one last time. I think I speak for a majority of MMA fans when I say WE WANTED TO SEE THIS FIGHT TAKE PLACE WHEN BOTH MEN WERE IN THEIR PRIME! MMA isn’t a sport like baseball where you can keep competing into your 40s. MMA is a sport where your body is constantly taking damage, and at a certain age you should hang the gloves up. I’m not knocking Chuck Liddell, but we’ve seen him get knocked out in brutal fashion multiple times. This fight is a bad idea. Tito Ortiz still has the ability to compete, but it’s been 8 years since Liddell has stepped into an octagon. The last time we’ve seen Chuck in an octagon was in 2010 where he lost to Rich Franklin by KO. With such a legendary career there’s no need for Liddell to compete anymore. Having a 48 year old man compete is a terrible idea. Bellator has so many young talented fighters it makes no sense for this fight to take place.

Stephen Caloggero (Steveo_calo)

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