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Liberty Baseball captivated the social media world with their new uniform reveal

Professional sports take notice, what Liberty Baseball did on Thursday night to reveal their new uniforms, is how you reveal your teams new uniforms. Liberty Baseball created a buzz and excitement with one simple video. With the help of three players and Celine Dion, the internet is buzzing over the Flames new threads. 

The video started with Flames senior right-hander Dylan Cumming walking on to the field wearing a long team jacket. With the stunning voice of Celine in the background, Cumming rips his jacket off, tosses off his hat and grabs a baseball bat he uses as a microphone. 

From there the former Grand Blanc high school star would lip sync his ass off to “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” captivating social media for 27 seconds.

Cumming looked like a rockstar, with his long hair flowing, he was giving off Nickelback Chad Kroeger vibes in the video. To put the cherry on top for the video, Cumming would be joined by two of his teammates infielder Stephen Hill and righty Landon Riley. 

Image courtesy of dingersndogpiles Twitter

Liberty University creative team hit a home run with this video

The Liberty Flames creative team approached Cumming about doing the uniform reveal through his Instagram. They pitched him on the fun video idea and Cumming jumped at the chance to be part of it. 

“I think everyone involved knew this video had a chance to get some views but I don’t know if over 2 million twitter views and engagements was what we expected! It was just awesome to see a funny little idea turn out so good and our creative team here at liberty is second to none,” said Cumming to Couch Guy Sports. 

“They did such an amazing job as they always do and I think this came out even better than we expected. And what would it be without the background dancers Landon Riley and Stephen Hill!!,” added Cumming.

Ole Miss fans are upset with new Liberty uniforms

The video from Liberty has gone viral on social media and has sparked some anger from Ole Miss fans. Fans of Ole Miss baseball are saying that the new Liberty uniforms are a ripoffs. Ole Miss fans can be angry but the powder blue uniform is one of the best looks in professional sports.

Liberty’s marketing team knew what they were doing when they wanted to release the new uniforms. More teams need to use creativity to captivate their audience the way they engaged social media. While Major League Baseball is locked out, college baseball is stealing the show and creating a massive buzz. The hype continued with the Liberty reveals on Thursday that was a massive home run. College baseball fans are excited to see these new uniforms on the diamond in the near future.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy of Liberty University Baseball / dingersndogpile Twitter

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