Le’Veon Bell Isn’t Coming Back and the Steelers Don’t Care

Le’Veon Bell didn’t report to the Steelers by Tuesday’s deadline making him officially unable to play the season. Clearly, this is a tremendous blow to Pittsburgh’s organization. You can only assume that morale in the locker room has really dropped without their star-



Never mind.

I mean they HATE this guy. As soon as the team knew he wasn’t coming back, they immediately took to pillaging. The players were probably hoping he didn’t show up at this point so that they could put on this yard sale and post it in his face. Bell’s whole “gap year” plan is backfiring immensely on him here. The Steelers are 6-2 without him, James Conner already has more touchdowns than he did all last season, and his team is taking all his stuff. Meanwhile, Le’Veon is spending his time off playing pick up at LA fitness with someone’s uncle:

Obviously, he doesn’t care about the content of his locker, because he just walked away from $14.5 MILLION DOLLARS. $14.5 million and all he had to do was show up. For that kind of money, I would play running back without pads. Granted I would take exactly one (1) snap and evaporate into thin air at first contact, but I hope the surviving members of my family would see some of the cash.

The only thing that Bell has accomplished in this holdout is proving that running back is the most overrated position in football. James Conner is averaging .7 more yards per carry than Le’Veon last season and has one more touchdown in only half the games Bell played last year. The Patriots have shown in the last 15 years that you can pretty much line up anyone behind the quarterback and they’ll suffice. The Steelers have proved that this season with their back up running back who’s 3rd in the NFL in rushing to this point.



I want to make it as clear as possible that I’m not happy that Le’Veon is getting his locker plundered. By no means does this bring any joy to a man who drafted him with the 1st overall pick in his fantasy football draft. This is something that you truly hate to see. I do not hope that he accidentally left his spare set of keys in that locker. I surely do not hope that his ACL explodes going up for a rebound against a guy on his lunch break at LA Fitness. I’ve reached out personally to Le’Veon to make sure there is no lingering animosity between the two of us. However, much like Big Ben, Bell won’t return my texts either.

-Riley Banks (@rileybanks10)

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