Kirk Minihane Is Officially Done At WEEI

I think a lot of people were expecting this and it became reality last night. The announcement has officially been made that Kirk Minihane will not be returning to WEEI’s morning show, “Kirk and Callahan”.


Kirk Minihane has been the biggest star at WEEI for a long time now and a lot of that has been because of his ability to take his insane attitude and then turn that into entertaining radio. He’s never been afraid to say what he was thinking and he’s never backed down from doing what he believed was best for ratings and because of that, Kirk and Callahan climbed the Boston radio ranks all the way up to number one in the mornings.

The story has been developing over the last two months after it became clear that Minihane needed to take time off after having suicidal thoughts which then caused him to become hospitalized. After a short stint there he then returned back on-air for a small amount of time but he then proceeded to take more time off after admitting that he still wasn’t where he needed to be in a mental health aspect.

And this is where the drama began. We only received small glimpses into what was actually going on via Kirk’s Twitter. We were told multiple times that he was returning to the show “next week” but it just never happened.

And now we finally have some clarity. After what seems like a lot of disagreements between Kirk and WEEI/Entercom management, Kirk Minihane will now be apart of Radio.com’s national platform where he will be hosting a daily radio show which will also be available in podcast form.

We know there were meetings and a clear directive from management that the morning show was going back to being solely sports talk which, if you know Kirk and Callahan, isn’t something they do through their entire show. This has caused Kirk to leave WEEI and move on to this new national show where he will have free reign to talk about what he wants, when he wants.

I mean hell, he’s gone over to EEI’s competitors, screaming outside of the building for one of their hosts to be fired. He crashed The Globies. This guy has literally done whatever he wanted over these past few years and guess what? It worked.

He went on WEEI’s, I guess, “Mut and Callahan?” this morning and aired it all out. He’s pissed at Gerry and Mut for, in his opinion, not really having his back through the process. He made it clear why he made this decision and hey, I’m here for it. Everyone knew that the relationship between Kirk and the station wasn’t going to last forever. Like Gerry said this morning, it’s shocking that it lasted as long as it did.

Alright, now that we got the basics out of the way, let me say that I love sports talk radio in Boston. It’s what I want to do with my career and I listen to almost every single show between the two stations and obviously, I’ve got my list of favorite personalities. Kirk’s right there at the top of that list.

Honestly, even if you can’t stand the guy and believe me, there’s a long list of people, you have to admit that he’s one of the most polarizing media members Boston’s ever seen. It didn’t matter who told him to stop talking about certain things, if people were threatening to turn advertisers against K&C, he just wouldn’t stop and that’s why he took them to number one.

He was one of those personalities that made you tune in just to hear what he was going to say next.

It’s a huge loss for Boston radio and for WEEI. Like I said to someone last night, he was the engine to that train in the morning.

I’ll be tuning into the national show and really hope they let him loose because if they do, that national show is going to be one hell of a ride.

One thing about Boston sports talk radio, it’s always got you on your toes.


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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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