Le’Veon Bell being Traded

Le’Veon Bell’s time in New York may be coming to an end, per NY Daily News.

The match has been rocky from the start, but may be coming to an end than many had anticipated.

Adam Gase didn’t Want Him

Gase, from the get go, did not want Le’Veon at the price point the back sought.

It did not matter, as ownership forced the coach to take on Bell’s contract.

The massive deal, 4 years and 52.2 million, is among the most ever offered for a running back.

Conventional wisdom in the 2020 NFL states that spending that much on a back is impractical.

Running backs are less valuable than ever, and with the cap set to shrink next season,  this deal is looking rough.

Gase never wanted him and has never used him, which has led to some animosity.

Bell Not Effective

Where does fault lie?

Does Adam Gase use Bell incorrectly? Sure.

Does Gase even know how to use Bell? No idea.

Should Bell have adapted to the scheme? Probably.

Either way, since Bell came over to the Jets he has done nearly nothing.

The moribund and pathetic Jets franchise loves finding ways to suck, and with the misuse or lack of use of Bell they continue to do that.

We don’t even know if the now 28 year old still has his fastball.

He probably does, but you never know with running backs these days.

Either way, running for 3.3 YPC as he has this season for the Jets is not getting the job done at any price point for a running back, much less his.

The Jets Franchise is Laughable

Let’s not foist all blame on to Gase and Bell.

For the record, I do think the majority of blame lies with ownership, who ignored scheme and forced a back and cap hit that did not match what their coach wanted.

That being said, Gase needed to adjust and Bell needed to as well.

Neither seem to like each other or be willing to, which goes back to a lack of buy in. A lack of buying in starts at the top.

The Jets have been pathetic even before of the days of the Butt Fumble. This has been a losing franchise since Broadway Joe (1969, for those keeping track).

Why should we expect anything else from this group? Gase and Bell are a symptom, not a disease in themselves.

Signing a running back at that cost who does not fit your scheme because ownership says so? Nothing wrong with that at all.

Must be a New York thing @Knicks.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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