Let’s Meet Jeter Downs, the Newest Red Sox Prospect!

So we know by now that Mookie Betts is heading to the Dodgers.


The Red Sox sent him and David Price to L.A. in exchange for outfielder Alex Verdugo, catching prospect Connor Wong, and prospect shortstop Jeter Downs. Downs has been a highly coveted name in the Dodgers farm system and now, the Red Sox got him. So, what can we expect from Downs once he’s up with the big club? Let’s look into it!

He’s (The?) Future Second Baseman


This would be a perfect situation for the Red Sox. We all know Dustin Pedroia is pretty much at the end of his career. Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers look to be the Red Sox left side of the infield for the next decade. So, this would leave room at second base for Downs. Imagine him and Bogaerts turning double plays together for the foreseeable future? Plus, look at his numbers from last year. The average is respectable. The power numbers are there. He can steal some bases too? I’m a fan of him being our second baseman for a number of years to come.

He Was The Dodgers #2 Prospect

With the second chance, the Red Sox went out and got somebody good. Downs wasn’t just some mid-level prospect. He was the number two prospect in the Dodgers farm system. This is a solid return if it had to be one prospect that we could get for Betts. Do I think we could have gotten more for Betts? Absolutely! But, it is what it is and Downs is an intriguing part of this organization now.

He’s Only 21!

He’s young, which is a huge positive in all of this chaos. Downs can come in at age 23 or 24 and be one of the brighter young players in the MLB. It’s not like the Red Sox got Justin Turner whose on the older side. Young prospects are a great asset for any team. The Red Sox need young prospects after Dave Dombrowski depleted the farm system. This is a win-win in the long term for the Red Sox.

In Conclusion

Does it stink to see Mookie go? Absolutely, 100% yes! But, there’s nothing we can do at this point. Jeter Downs is a nice consolation prize as part of the whole trade package. Let’s give the kid a fair chance and see what he can do once he’s up with the big club.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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