Introducing the Newest Podcast on CouchGuy Sports: The Legends Lingo Podcast

Couchguy Sports has a new podcast under their umbrella. The name of that podcast? Legends Lingo. This has been something in the works for quite a while now. Shoutouts are in order to Quags and Jared for helping make it possible. For those of you wondering what the heck this podcast is, allow me to introduce you!

How It Began?

It all began when my buddy Powder (just a nickname!) and I wanted to get into the podcasting world. We had heard podcasts such as Section 10, Pardon My Take, and others and thought “we can do this too!” And off we went into the wonderful world of podcasting. A purchase of a microphone each later, Powder and I were in business and putting out an episode each week.

Who Are The Hosts?

There are three hosts every week with this podcast. The first one is myself, Al. I’ve been on every episode so far (humble brag!) and helped get this off of the ground. You might have heard me fill in for Jared on Couchguy Sports Podcast with Quags here and there. There’s also Into the Triangle, our Red Sox podcast that Jared and I do together. Anyways, I also have written numerous articles on the Couchguy site, so feel free to check those out. I also coach baseball and basketball while working toward my Elementary Education teacher Master’s Degree.

Then there’s Powder. Powder is a staff accountant at Madison Resources in Portsmouth, NH. He graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, finishing both a Bachelors and Masters in accounting in four years. When he isn’t crunching numbers or podcasting, he helps run travel baseball tournaments throughout the New England area. Powder is the co-founder of the Legends Lingo podcast.

Then there’s Fiesta. Fiesta works for a non-profit organization as manager of advocacy and community outreach. He graduated from UMASS Boston and is a HUGE Boston sports fan. Any stat or contract you need, Fiesta will have it for you. Out of the three hosts, he is probably the most well-rounded as far as knowledge is concerned for the four major Boston sports teams. When Powder had a busy summer and couldn’t come on as often, I knew Fiesta was the perfect guy to fill into that slot. Sure enough, now he’s a permanent part of the podcast family.

What Is This Podcast?

It’s your typical Boston sports podcast brought to you by three guys from the North Shore of Massachusetts. We love our Boston sports and we’re going to talk about them our way. Our lingo, so to speak! We do have guests come on with us from time to time. Jared Carrabis? He’s been on. Steve Perrault? Yep, we’ve had him on too. Evan Drellich? Yep! If you want to known the other guests, check us out on ITunes and on Soundcloud.

In Conclusion

We’re very happy to finally be on the Couchguy Sports website. It’s been a long time coming. We will post a few of our past episodes later on this weekend. We’re excited to be with CouchGuy going forward and we hope you like all of the content we put out for you. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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