Let’s Make a Plan for the Red Sox Off-season!

This Red Sox season is such a mess. I mean honestly, let’s just tell it like it is at the point. The Boston Red Sox will not be making the playoffs in 2020 unless they magically start scoring 15 runs a game every night. Yeah… I don’t see that happening anytime soon. It’s just become so unbearable to watch and we have basically two more months of watching this team. But there is a glimmer of hope Red Sox fans. If the MLB season passes August 31st, the Red Sox luxury tax penalties reset. What does that mean? It means the Red Sox can spend BIG money this off-season. With that in mind, let’s make a plan for the Red Sox off-season, shall we?

Sign Trevor Bauer

This may be one of the most interesting men in all of baseball. Trevor Bauer has flown drones, been outspoken around the league, and just captured the attention of fans everywhere. Bauer to the Red Sox on a short-term deal makes sense. The man can give you consistency and remember, he was an All-star with the Indians in 2018. You sign Bauer short-term and that gives you another right-handed starter along with Nathan Eovaldi. Sale (when he comes back), Rodriguez (if he pitches in 2021), Bauer, Eovaldi, and another potential fill-in starter? That’s a LOT better than what you currently have on the roster.

Sign George Springer

Clutch in the postseason, a tremendous leadoff hitter, stellar defense, a hometown kid. What more do you want? Put Springer in the outfield with Benintendi and Verdugo and that’s a pretty solid outfield. So what happens with JBJ?

Trade JBJ for Relief Pitching

Whether its at the deadline or after the season, say goodbye to Jackie Bradley Jr. You can get some decent relief pitchers for a stud defensive outfielder. Also, JBJ’s contract expires after 2020 and is an unrestricted free agent in 2021. Might as well get something at the deadline for the outfielder instead of letting him walk.

Have J.D. Martinez Opt In

J.D. Martinez can opt in for nearly 20 million dollars in 2021. Why not convince the man to stay in Boston? It’s his childhood team and he might not get the same money anywhere else. Yes, I’m aware the universal DH is here to stay. But you’re telling me a team is going to want to sign a 33 year old below average outfielder? Even if he can hit exceptionally well? It seems unlikely. But if you can somehow convince J.D. to stay and be a DH a majority of the time, your team becomes that much more competitive.

Kick the Tires on Marcus Stroman

I’m not saying you HAVE to sign Marcus Stroman. But it wouldn’t hurt to at least entertain the idea. Stroman has proven he can pitch effectively in the American League East. Remember all of his seasons with Toronto? If you somehow pulled this one off along with Bauer, look at your rotation now if healthy. Sale, Eovaldi, Rodriguez, Stroman, Bauer? Yeah, give me that all day and twice on Sunday!

In Conclusion

These are just a few ideas on the surface. You think you have better ideas? Tag me in them on Twitter and let’s have a discussion. Whatever the suggestions are, they’ll probably be better than anything the Red Sox are doing right now. Say it with me Red Sox fans: just get us to August 31st.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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