Let The Excuses From Yankees Fans Start Flying Now

News broke today that Didi Gregorius will need Tommy John Surgery this offseason and will miss some time next year. That series win just keeps getting better and better! Is it just me or is this just flat-out stupid on the Yankees part? The first report out when he go hurt was he would miss playoffs with torn cartilage in his wrist. Then POOF! Jokes on the rest of the league he is back to “full health” and good to play before playoffs even started.

I NEED to know how this conversation went down in the clubhouse. Clearly, Boone went up to Didi and said listen we got 3 bums, not saying any names *COUGH COUGH* Judge, Stanton, Voit *COUGH COUGH* that can’t hit when it matters most if they were thrown beach balls to hit!

I can’t wait for all the Yankees fans start with the bullshit excuse “Oh you beat us cause our 3 hitter was playing hurt.” New flash people your manager screwed you guys because he’s a frigging moron! Now if Didi was that hurt um maybe don’t play him? I don’t know just an idea! Is it really that smart to play a player who is battling that serious of an injury during the playoffs? How can that be beneficial to the team? He batted just .240 during the playoffs, you telling me that Adeiny Hechavarria couldn’t have done a better job? Nice Job Aaron Boone you screwed the Yankees, not only for this playoffs, but even into next year! I love it!

The Yankees are going to be struggling next year and i cant wait to watch it! Didi, I would like to say that I’m sorry to hear about that injury buuuut I’m not at all! Sucks to suck buddy!


-Kevin Peridios (@Perdios95) 

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